Lead with IBM: Students for a Smarter Planet Challenge (for South Africans).

Competition Deadline South Africa: 13 September 2013.

Imagine a world where electrical grids deliver 100% of their energy, we travel without wasting gas, distribution keeps productivity high, financial systems are secure, and everyone everywhere has safe drinking water.
What can you imagine to build a smarter planet?

By participating in Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet, you are challenged to solve a case and present your solution in a 2-minute video. Taking part is your chance to lead the way in making the world a smarter place!

The competition is open to university students in Poland, South Africa and Brazil. Each student who submits a video will receive a green eco-friendly t-shirt and certificate of appreciation from IBM. If offered in their country, participants may also be invited to attend a networking event at IBM. Read more and sign up at the country specific competition pages below.

Apply Now for the Students for a Smarter Planet South Africa Challenge



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