Making All Voices Count Global Innovation Competition (GIC) 2016 (GBP 450,000 Available Grant)

Application Deadline: October 4, 2015 at 23:59 GMT

Making All Voices Count holds its third annual Global Innovation Competition (GIC 2016). The GIC is open to applicants from around the world with inspiring ideas.Making All Voices Count is an international initiative that contributes towards effective governance and accountability by enabling citizen engagement and open, responsive government in 12 countries in Africa and Asia.

This Grand Challenge is committed to promoting transparency, fighting corruption, empowering marginalised citizens, and harnessing the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable.

GIC 2016 aims to fund innovators to implement their best tech governance projects that are within the framework of Making All Voices Count to improve the relationship between citizens and their governments.

If you have an idea/proven concept for a project that uses innovative technology to improve the relationship between government and citizens in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, the Philippines, Liberia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mozambique, Uganda and Nigeria, you are invited  to apply. Everyone is invited to participate; public votes and nominations will determine which entries progress in the competition.

This year GIC is tackling five themes that relate to the programme’s overarching goal; better governance, transparency and accountability, and decreased corruption. The themes are also promoted by Open Government Partnership (OGP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are:

  • Devolution.
  • Political Party Funding.
  • Human Rights and Transitional Justice.
  • Extractive Industries.
  • Climate Change and Resilience.


  • A GIC grant is awarded to applicants with particularly innovative ideas, either proven or to be developed should they win..
  • The applicant must prove they will implement the idea/proven concept in a Making All Voices Count country.
  • Anyone is welcome to apply, companies, government actors, non-profits, for-profits, NGOs, individuals etc. This also includes applicants from the GIC’s inaugural year. An applicant can apply with as many ideas/proven concepts as they wish, however only one application per entity can qualify for the second round.
  • The Making All Voices Count countries are: Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.


  • finalists will attend the Global Innovation Week in Accra, Ghana; a programme of intensive networking and mentorship.
  • winners will receive grants from a pool of GBP 450,000 to support their projects, plus expert mentorship

Key dates:

    • Tues 8-Sep: First round applications open
    • Sun 4-Oct: First round applications close
    • Mon 12-Oct: Public voting and nominations begins
    • Wed 11-Nov: Public voting and nominations closes
    • Mon 23-Nov: Semi-Finalists announced and additional data input starts
    • Mon 18-Jan: Finalists announced
    • Mon 22-Feb: Global Innovation Week starts
    • Thu 25-Feb: Global Innovation Gala Night
    • Fri 26-Feb: Global Innovation Week ends

Submit Your Idea for the Making All Voices Count  Global Innovation Competition (GIC) 2016

For More Information:

Visit the Offiicial Webpage of the Making All Voices Count  Global Innovation Competition (GIC) 2016


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