MENA-Michigan Initiative for Global Action Through Entrepreneurship (M2GATE) Program 2018 for young people from MENA region

Application Deadline:December 1st 2017

The MENA-Michigan Initiative for Global Action Through Entrepreneurship (M2GATE) invites you to join a new virtual exchange program with students from the United States, and fellow students from Morocco, Egypt and Libya. If you want to make a difference through social entrepreneurship and to make connections with peers in one of the most dynamic regions of the world, this opportunity if for you.

The Program is open to post-secondary (undergraduate) students aged 18-25 from: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia (or refugees currently residing in one of these four countries), and The University of Michigan (USA) Ann Arbor or Dearborn campuses.

The goal of the MENA-Michigan Initiative for Global Action Through Entrepreneurship (M2GATE) program being implemented by WDI is to build marketable global competencies of MENA-and Michigan-based youth through project-based, cross-cultural learning and action.
The program will focus on the following global competencies: cross-cultural collaboration and communication; critical thinking and adopting diverse perspectives; and the ability to engage in
key civic and global issues.
In addition to these, students will also develop marketable skills and knowledge in the areas
of social entrepreneurship and STEM. This project-based program combines virtual training in
English and Arabic, and virtual and in-person mentoring and instructional support.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • This program is open to post-secondary (undergraduate) students aged 18-25 from Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia (or refugees currently residing in one of these four countries) or the University of Michigan (USA) Ann Arbor or Dearborn campuses.
  • M2GATE encourage applicants from a variety of disciplines – including Engineering, Business, Healthcare, and Liberal Arts – to apply.
  • M2GATE expect all U.S. students to be from the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses.The program will target 50% women, and will deliberately engage a diverse population including refugees and people with disabilities.


  • The program will run August 2017 – December 2018, and over that time will support three cohorts of 192 students (a total of 576), organized in 32 teams of six students each– four from MENA schools (from the same country though not necessarily the same school) and two from the University of Michigan.
  • The program will include 128 MENA-based students per cohort, with a total number of 384.
  • Each cohort will be eight weeks long:
  • Cohort 1: 26 January – 16 March, 2018
  • Cohort 2: 6 April – 8 June, 2018
  • Cohort 3: 25 May – 20 July, 2018
Program Partners in the MENA Region
  • Egypt: The Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University
  • Libya: Benghazi Youth for Technology and Entrepreneurship (BYTE)
  • Morocco: Al Akhawayn University
  • Tunisia: Tunis Business School at Tunis University
Expectations for Students
  • This program will require around 32 hours of a student’s time over the eight-week cohort.
  • This includes the orientation, the six curriculum modules, a debrief session, and time for virtual group work, including work on the final pitch video.
  • Each student will be expected to schedule virtual meetings with their teams.
  • Students in the MENA region will be expected to attend in- person sessions with their teammates at the schools above, to the extent possible.
  • Students who are admitted are expected to complete the program’s requirements.
  • There is no cost to participate.
Benefits for Students
  • This program is a unique noncredit, co-curricular opportunity focused on social entrepreneurship, STEM, and project-based learning. The program will:
  • Strengthen students’ entrepreneurship, team-building, cross-cultural communication, and critical thinking skills.
  • Afford students the opportunity to gain international business experience.
  • Enhance students’ real world problem-solving skills with people from other countries.
  • Develop students’ innovation and design thinking skills.
  • Build students’ credentials and employability.
Application, Contact & Information

This is a team-based social entrepreneurship program that offers experiential learning and cross-cultural interactions with international peers through a virtual exchange. Please fill out this application form accurately and completely. You will be prompted to upload a one-paragraph bio, a photo of yourself, and a scanned copy of your passport if you possess one (not necessary for U.S. students). These documents will help the program coordinators and your fellow participants learn more about you and enable preparation of the visa documents if you are selected to travel to the USA at the end of the program. (Note that only project management and visa processing personnel will see your passport copy.)

  • Interested students may visit the M2GATE program website at:
  • Here, they will find more information and the program application.
  • Please direct all other queries about the program or requests for program updates to [email protected]


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MENA-Michigan Initiative for Global Action Through Entrepreneurship 



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