Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) Isu Elihle Awards 2020 for African Journalists


Application Deadline: June 30th 2020

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) invites journalists within the African continent to apply for the lsu Elihle Awards. 

MMA’s awards seek to give children a voice and highlight the status of children in our continent. Journalists are encouraged to submit their story ideas and these can be targeted at any mainstream news medium such as TV, Radio or Online.

The top six story ideas will then be selected during an awards ceremony which will be held in September. Journalists behind these ideas will each receive guaranteed financial support of ZAR 10 000. MMA will also offer support to the finalists to develop their concepts. The final stories will be ranked and the final cash prizes will be awarded as follows: ZAR 25 000 (Overall Winner); ZAR 15 000 (2nd place); ZAR 10 000 (Third Place).

The media can play an important role in protecting and promoting children’s rights and, in many instances, in exposing their abuses and triumphs. This is informed by the belief that children are not a homogenous group and deserve protection of their rights in all stages of their lives from early childhood development right up until they are legally considered to be adults. The Isu Elihle Awards therefore aim to encourage alternative thinking around reporting on children, and to contribute to an environment that enables journalists to expose and highlight issues affecting children in the country and the continent.

inner CategoriesCash prize
Overall winnerR25 000
First runner upR15 000
Second runner upR10 000
Mandy Rossouw CategoryBetween R10 000 and R25 000

*Please note that it is possible for one of the top 3 winners to be selected as the winner of the Mandy    Rossouw Category. In this case they would take two cash prizes. It is also possible that the MRC will go to one of the other finalists not in the Top 3.

3. Isu Elihle Awards Timeline 2020

Story idea submission15 May-30 June6 Weeks
1st round adjudicationJuly
Finalists announcementSeptember
Finalists produce and publish stories25 September-06 November
Announce winnersNovember

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) Isu Elihle Awards 2020



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