Pollicy WanaData digital journalism training program 2018 for women journalists

Application Deadline: 20th June, 2018.

WanaData: A Unique Opportunity for Female Journalists in Uganda

Women journalists changing the media landscape with data-driven and digital storytelling one story at a time.

Pollicy, together with Code for Africa, is excited to launch the latest digital journalism training program called WanaData. WanaData, originally launched by Code for Kenya in January 2018 aims to work with women journalists, equipping them with digital journalism skills and promoting data driven news stories.

In a bid to continue supporting the Uganda newsrooms through digital trainings, Pollicy is excited to launch WanaData in Uganda.

WanaData is a network of women journalists that cooperate to brainstorm and share ideas, reports, storytelling tips and suggesting data sets. The members of the network also share skills like data visualization, story editing, social video creations while leveraging mentorship from senior journalists in the network.

WanaData is a unique program that will offer participants:

  1. Monthly meetups that cover digital skills development, ideation and feedback sessions.
  2. Technical support in terms of availing access to verified data sources to implement projects or publish articles
  3. Grants to cover stories that align with the partner goals.

This program will also offer visibility of the participants’ content on global platforms and make them more marketable in the new and competitive media market.

WanaData will select 20 female journalists from media houses across Uganda to participate.

Guidelines for Applications

  • This opportunity is open to journalists of all career levels, early career journalists are highly encouraged to apply.
  • You MUST be actively working in a Ugandan-based media house.
  • This opportunity is open to WOMEN only but doesn’t discriminate against race, culture or religion.
  • You MUST apply using the form below. Emailed applications will not be accepted.

To apply, fill out this form.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Pollicy WanaData digital journalism training program 2018


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