Press Release: The Education Partnership Centre establishes Regional Hub for Centre for Education Innovations (CEI)

As part of efforts to improve access to quality education in Nigeria, The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre) today announced the establishment of the Centre for Education Innovations (CEI) in Nigeria. CEI has already commenced the examining of emerging innovative models within the education space that hold promise for Nigeria’s poor.

The Center for Education Innovations (CEI) initiative, is a nonprofit DfID-funded initiative to improve access to education in developing countries using innovative programmes targeted at the poor. To achieving this goal, the program will to identify, analyse and connect non-state innovative programmes that improve the quality and affordability of education in Nigeria.

There are significant gaps in global understanding of the benefits of such programmes. These gaps therefore, are due to the lack of systematic and easy-to-access information about such programmes around the world. Practical lessons about successful and unsuccessful experiences are even harder to find, and as a result we are left with a world full of innovative models, but without an understanding of how they are distributed, whether they work, and how those that do can be improved, replicated, and scaled up to serve more of the world’s poor.

It is against this background, TEP Centre will properly harness innovations in education that have the potential to significantly increase access to quality education for Nigeria’s poor. Also through its prominence and a large network of stakeholders within the education sector, TEP Centre has gathered that Government, Non-governmental organizations, and social enterprises are among those pioneering new innovations, technologies, systems, and financing mechanisms that specifically target the most vulnerable.

TEP Centre is collecting more information on innovative models that will be reviewed and subsequently get the chance of being included in a rich and interactive online database. This will give users the ability to compare data across geography as well as specific program components.

TEP Centre’s Managing Director, Dr. Mo Adefeso-Olateju, noted that,the programme aims to support policymakers, funders, and program implementers in their efforts to improve and better harness the potential of the non-state sector to achieve educational goals. Featured on the CEI global website ( are 511 innovative models from around the world, and counting! Of these, 31 are from Nigeria, having been profiled by TEP Centre, and already attracting global interest.”

Centre for Education Innovation is an initiative of Results for Development Institute (R4D) and relies on a broad network of regional partners and collaborators. With the establishment of CEI  in Nigeria, the country joins a global network of CEI Hubs located in East Africa, South Africa and  India.

For more information on the Center for Education Innovations (CEI) initiative and to nominate innovative education models, please contact Abisola Bamtefa:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @tepcentre



To nominate a model, simply send the name and contacts (email/phone) of the implementing organisation, and add a sentence on what they are doing that you consider innovative. Please send your nominations to [email protected]  


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