It is Here: Opportunities For Africans Version 2.0


Innovate or Evaporate, Distinct or Extinct

We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence is then not an act but a HABIT – Aristotle


Hello Everyone,

We are so delighted to share with you, our latest upgrade. We have been working hard in the past few days, to get some new innovations to the Platform/site. Our Vision is to build a platform for Africans to be able to connect to the latest life changing opportunities. In View of this, Innovating and making the Platform more user friendly and community based is what we are striving for; we really need you to make this work.

We are open to feedback, advice, tips and ideas on how we can serve you better:

  • What do want us to add to the site?
  • What do want us to improve on?
  • How can we make the site more community based?


In the next couple of days, month, we are going to be making incremental changes and we need your feedback to know how we fairing. Hope to hear from you soon, please feel free to comment or contact us:




Email: [email protected]


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