Safaricom/Vodafone Appstar Challenge for African Developers (App you Game and Win 1 Million)

Submission Deadline: October 25 2013

AppStar is the annual developer contest conducted by Vodafone  and Safaricom across several countries in Africa & Asia. appStar 2013 is the latest edition of appStar to bring out all those innovative and cool apps that you always dreamt of developing.

The Appstar Challenge is an international contest targeting mobile apps developers from South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and India in which the winner stands to take home the grand prize of USD 12,000.

The competition will take place in two phases; the national phase which will run up to November 22nd and the international phase which will see the best two developers from the respective countries compete amongst themselves in Nairobi in December.

Participants will be required to develop applications on either Android, Java/ Symbian, Windows Mobile, or IOS Operating systems. The challenges are supposed to provide solutions to existing challenges under the categories of Agriculture, Health, Education, Financial Inclusion, Games and Productivity.

You are eligible to participate if you are a developer from one of these countries: Egypt, Kenya, India, South Africa, and Tanzania (Read T&Cs for detailed eligibility criteria)


What are the target Platforms?

Android, J2ME, Windows Phone 8, iOS

While these are the target platforms, do also look into the judging criteria page to see what is expected from your app.

Who can participate?

Any developer who has the capability to develop a cool app in any of the listed platforms can register and submit the application.

appStar is designed to lower the entry barrier for all range of developers: be it an established company, student, hobbyists, homemakers or a freelancer.

    • The Competition commences at 0000hours on Tuesday 17th September, 2013, registration and all entries must be received by 23.59hr on the closing date of Friday 25th October, 2013.


    • The Competition will operate on the website at the following URL address: (the “Website.) To enter the Competition you must complete the registration form, details of how to submit your entry can be found on the Website. Your entry must include a description of how the application or game works and the presumed benefits for the applicable category listed in section 5. You may submit more than one entry to the Competition, and each entry that you submit to the Competition may be eligible to win more than one of the prizes.
  • Applications will be submitted to the competition based on the theme of “Transforming Lives.”
    The prizes for the local competition are:
    Best Overall App – Ipad and Iphone 5
    Second Prize-iPad
    Best Java application – Iphone 5
    Best UI/Design – Samsung S4
    Most Practical App – Samsung S4
    Consolation Prizes -Airtime, Tablets and Smartphone devices
    All participants including the Local Finalists and International Finalists are responsible for paying all associated costs that are not specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions.

The international prizes to be won are three (3) cash prizes and discretionary consolation prizes as set out below:

  • First Prize USD$ 12,000.
  • Second prize USD$ 6,000.
  • Third prize USD $4,000
  • Consolation prizes of Tablets and Smartphone worth approx. $3000 USD.
Selection criteria: All submitted applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Quality: The application submitted should be produced to a high quality, fully functional, with minimal errors and would provide a simple an easy to use user experience.
  • Innovation: The application submitted should be unique and innovative in terms of functionality or purpose and should utilize current device functionality.
  • Local Relevance: The application should be designed to meet local market consumer needs and be relevant to the target demographic.
  • International applicability: The application submitted could be used in other territories with similar consumer needs.

For More Information:


Submit your App for the Safaricom/Vodafone Appstar Challenge 2013


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