Seed Academy Think.Be.Do Programme for Early Stage Startup Entrepreneurs,

Application Deadline: September 30 2014

Seed Academy provides fast-track and practical entrepreneurship training and mentoring to start-ups and early phase entrepreneurs.

Seed Academy is a training company that provides practical training and mentoring to small businesses just starting out or early stage entrepreneurs

Seed Academy is anchored by the 10-week Think. Be. Do. programme, which provides them with access to rich experiential learning, enhanced by masterclass events and networking opportunities. The Think. Be. Do. framework divides the competencies for success into three distinct areas:


The mindset required to succeed, coupled with the knowledge necessary to make it happen.


The entrepreneurs’ belief in themselves and their ideas; how to keep going and how to make an impression.


The practical steps that need to be taken to carry a business through to success. How to solve problems, do business, take risks, communicate, understand technology and get things done.

Together, these elements make up the complete picture of a successful entrepreneur.

How it works

  • Sessions are held weekly, after hours so that participants are able to work at their current jobs or focus on growing their businesses during office hours.
  • Support is offered for up to 18 months after the programme ends, and includes alumni events and ongoing educational talks.
  • All emerging entrepreneurs will be well equipped to start their own businesses as a result of their experiential and practical training at Seed Academy.


  • Weekly sessions for ten weeks.
  • Practical, experiential learning.
  • Training that is targeted specifically at your business’s requirements.
  • Business support for up to 18 months after graduation.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of Seed Academy Think.Be.Do Programme

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