Study an Online or Blended MBA with EMAS Business School, Russia!

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An MBA from Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) in Russia is more than about learning – it is about making breakthrough improvement in your career and business. Whether you want to focus in General Management, Marketing & Sales or Finance – EMAS has an MBA program for you (purely online or through blended learning):

● MBA: General Management
● MBA: Marketing and Sales
● MBA: Finance

Eligibility Criteria:
● Bachelor’s or professional degree complete
● Good level of English
Program starts: Earliest class begins 26 March 2018, more to come in the coming months.

Duration : 1 – 1,5 years

BONUS : EMAS is offering 50 scholarships of up to 60% today ! You could be on your way to studying for an MBA online.

What you have to do:

1. Take this online challenge for a chance to win a scholarship:
● Sign up on Sqore website
● Take a short quiz to learn more about EMAS Business School
● Explain why you would like to join the program
2. Apply with EMAS Business School once you have completed the Sqore challenge

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Study an Online or Blended MBA with EMAS Business School, Russia!


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