TED-Ed Innovative Educators Program 2016 for Education Practitioners around the World.

Application Deadline: August 19, 2016

  • Are you an educator seeking an inspiring community of learners and innovators?
  • Do you find creative ways to solve problems in your classroom, school or district?
  • Are you passionate about sharing TED-Ed tools with your community of students and teachers?
  • Then you might be one of the next TED-Ed Innovative Educators.

TED-Ed seeks creative and motivated teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, superintendents and educational leaders from all over the world to join our next cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators.

The TED-Ed Innovative Educator program is a year-long professional development program that connects outstanding educators in K-12, university and non-traditional educational environments around the globe.


  • During the year-long professional development program, TED-Ed Innovative Educators participate in two months of digital training in how to help people make the most of TED’s free tools for teachers and students — including TED-Ed Animated Lessons, TED-Ed Clubs and the TED-Ed Platform — followed by 10 months of TED-Ed Innovation Project coaching and support within a dynamic learning community.

The program launched in 2015 and now contains 58 educators from 17 countries. [Meet the first cohort and second cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators.] As TED’s on-the-ground education ambassadors and advocates, TED-Ed Innovative Educators lead their communities, and TED’s network of over 250,000 teachers, in developing and amplifying innovative ideas in education.

Apply Now for the 2016 TED-Ed Innovative Educator program

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the TED-Ed Innovative Educator Program 2016


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