The Spark* Changemakers Program

The 2013 Spark* Changemaker Program for South Africans

Applications for the 2013 Spark* Changemaker Program are now open.

The Spark* Changemakers Program is a powerful opportunity for passionate South Africans who are at the early stages of building social businesses or non-profit organisations.

Spark* Changemakers engage with Spark* throughout 2013, but the live-in Accelerator Summit is near Johannesburg from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May 2013. 

Application Deadline: 21st of February 2013.

Program Dates:  April 29 – May 3 2013.

Spark South Africa is  searching for South Africa’s most exciting young leaders and social entrepreneurs. Are you one of them?

Are you the founder of a non-profit or social business that exists to help South Africans out of poverty? Do you have an early idea that you want to launch? If so we have an incredible opportunity for you!

For the 2013 intake, we are searching for fifteen emerging changemakers and leaders in South Africa. Spark South Africa partner with you as you launch projects and lead initiatives designed to improve the lives of people across the country

You have the chance to attend the five day ACCELERATOR, access the global NETWORK and apply for USD$1000 – $2000 grants for your projects.

The ACCELERATOR – An intensive five day live in workshop where you access world class social entrepreneurship designed to help you focus your non-profit or business and accelerate the launching and growth of your idea.

The NETWORK – Beyond the accelerator you receive ongoing training and support from Spark* International and we connect you to experts and professionals who can help you as you launch and grow your non-profit or business.

The FUND – Spark* provides small grants for eligible Changemakers (USD$1000 – $2000) to help you launch and grow your non-profit or business.


That they are passionate and committed to creating positive social change in their communities.

That they are the kinds of people who can turn their ideas into reality.

That they have either launched a non-profit or business or have an idea of a project that they would like to start.

Tips for Filling out your Application

Travel Section:

If you require travel support please give realistic estimated costs. Please also look for the cheapest possible option to travel in on Sunday the 28th of April and out again on the 3rd of May. Applications have been rejected in previous years when individuals have written down costs that are too expensive.

We are looking for people who can make things happen, therefore we will not provide travel support for you to come from your house in Johannesburg to the pickup for the Accelerator.

Your application will be stronger if you can provide your own travel or you can find a sponsor for this.

If you do receive funding for travel, you will be expected to pay for your travel and you will be reimbursed at the Accelerator. (Note that we will not book and pay for your travel).   

Work/Volunteer/Leadership Experience:

Tell us about what you were able to make happen in these jobs. We love hearing about the problems you identified, how you fixed them and how you changed lives! (We are not so interested in all the tasks that you did or whether you can use Microsoft Excel!)

The social challenge you are trying to tackle: 

Tell us about the problem that you are passionate about solving. Tell us why you are passionate about it. Tell us the facts at the moment. I.e. if you want to tackle youth unemployment, tell us how many youths in every ten don’t have a job. The more specific you can be on the problem and where it is the better.

Tell us about your idea for change:

Be really honest here. If you haven’t launched yet, then tell us (we will still consider your application and you will get a huge amount out of being a Spark* Changemaker). If you have already launched, tell us how it is all going. Tell us how you have raised money. Tell us what your impact has been. The clearer picture you give us about your project the better.

Tell us about your goals for the project in 2013:

Be realistic. If you haven’t launched yet, there is a good chance that you won’t have a one million Rand budget within a year! Tell us a bit about your plans for growth or to launch and what kind of impact you want to have.

Are you someone who turns your ideas into reality?

We are looking for social entrepreneurs. People who never give up, and who with limited resources make things happen and change lives. Give us some examples of times that you have shown these characteristics.

If you want to increase your chances of being successful with your application please read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Tips to Applying carefully.

If you have any problems accessing the application, please contact [email protected].

CLICK HERE to apply for the Spark* 2013 Changemaker Program



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