The 2020 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit Scholarships (Funded to CC Global Summit in Lisbon,Portugal)

Application Deadline:12 February 2020

The 2020 CC Global Summit,
 held May 14-16 in Lisbon, Portugal, gathers those in the open community under the umbrella of learning, sharing, and creating; united by a passion for growing a vibrant, usable commons powered by collaboration and gratitude.

Nearly 25% of all Global Summit attendees receive support from Creative Commons in the form of scholarships.

Creative Commons believes that providing pathways to participation is crucial to our goal of lighting up the commons.

The scholarship program helps ensure the  global community remains central in the debates, collaborations, connections, and strategies for action that make the Global Summit such an exciting and important event.

Scholarship Applicants

Applicants are the heart of our scholarship program. Scholarship recipients represent a rich variety of communities and issues, including free and open culture, copyright reform, GLAM, open education, and global information systems. They also represent every CC world region, with the majority coming from Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Target Audiences

The CC Global Summit is open to anyone who is interested and we always welcome new faces and fresh ideas. If you are wondering whether you should attend the CC Global Summit or submit a proposal, it may be helpful to know our general audiences:

  • Active and potential members of the Creative Commons Global Network
  • Community members in like-minded movements concerned with issues regarding open access and copyright
  • Creators, content providers, and users working with open licenses 
  • Activists and policymakers advocating for open access to knowledge and culture
  • Educators, researchers, and open education activists
  • Practitioners and advocates of open technologies and open data
  • Individuals from underrepresented and historically marginalized communities working in the open
  • Supporters of the open ecosystem

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2020 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit Scholarships


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