The Andi Leadership Institute for Young Women ( For Libyans).

Application Deadline:  March 27 2013

The Andi Leadership Institute for Young Women seeks to equip the next generation of young, female peacebuilders with the necessary conflict resolution and leadership skills during their formative years, providing them with greater access to peace negotiations and leadership positions in the future.

The Institute will launch its pilot program in August 2013 through a three-week long seminar with 8 young women, both international and domestic, in Washington, D.C. Following the seminar participants will be placed in a three-month internship in their home communities.


Four participants will be selected from the following countries
(Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen) to participate in the 3-week seminar in Washington, D.C

Participants are invited to apply if they are:

  • Young women between 18-22 years are invited to apply
  • Have demonstrated engagement as leaders in working with school, faith community, and/or a local organization
  • Interested and enthusiastic to develop relationships with other female delegates throughout the three-week seminar
  • Willing to listen to and understand different perspectives than own
  • Able to understand and communicate in English

Download an application for the Andi Leadership Institute for Young Women, August 2013 Pilot Program:

Domestic applicants within the DC area, click here to download your application.

International applicants, click here to download your application.

You’ll need to submit two letters of recommendation, download the form here.

Click here to view selection criteria



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