The United Nations Young Professionals Programme 2013.

The United Nations is looking for highly qualified candidates who are ready to launch a professional career as an international civil servant. The young professionals programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative that brings new talent to the United Nations through an annual entrance examination. For young, high-calibre professionals across the globe, the examination is a platform for launching a career at the United Nations. This programme builds upon the national competitive recruitment examination (NCRE) which was held for the last time in 2010.

Are you eligible to participate in the young professionals programme examination?

  • Do you hold at least a first-level university degree?
  • Are you 32 or younger by the end of this year?
  • Do you speak either English and/or French fluently?
  • Are you a national of a participating country?

The examination is held worldwide and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise – the list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year.

This examination is also held for staff members of the United Nations Secretariat who work within the General Service and other related categories and aspire to a career within the Professional and higher categories. For more information about staff members participating in the young professionals programme, click here.

The examination tests your substantive knowledge, analytical thinking, drafting abilities, as well as your awareness of international affairs.

Initially you will be appointed for two years and then be reviewed for a continuing appointment. The Organization promotes mobility within and across duty stations and job families. As a new recruit you are expected to work in at least two different functions and duty stations within your first five years of service. You will be offered orientation and mobility training as well as career support. This will help you adapt and accelerate the learning period leading to productive work and job satisfaction as an international civil servant.


The 2013 Young Professionals Programme (YPP) examinations will be held on 3 December 2013 in the following job families:

• Administration
• Finance
• Legal Affairs
• Public Information
• Statistics

The application period for 2013 YPP will start, per job family, as follows:
Administration, Finance and Public Information: 3 June – 1 August 2013
Legal Affairs and Statistics: 8 July – 5 September 2013

Applications must be submitted online, through Inspira https://inspira.un.org/. Applications submitted in any other way or outside of the respective application dates cannot be processed.

Details on the requirements for these job families will be posted as soon as they become available.

For More Information:

Visit the United Nations Career Webpage




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    I find it quite disappointing that the age cut off point is 32. Why not up to 35? Just asking/////

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