UNDP Accelerator Lab ICT Scholarship Training Program 2019 for Somali Persons with Disabilities (Fully Funded to Egypt)

Application Deadline: November 1st 2019

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) bring prosperity and revolutionize life in many aspects. Realizing the significance of technology role in facilitating the daily life of citizens and valuing the principle of social justice, UNDP seeks to disseminate ICT tools and make them available to all segments of the society nationwide, serving poor and marginalized areas with special focus Somalian youths ,women and persons with disabilities (PwDs) to have an inclusive Somalia Society.

A fully funded Scholarship Training to Egypt on call centers, e-marketing & IT essentials.


have a secondary school degree.

be between 18 to 35 years old.

be fluent in English as the training will be fully in English.

be aware of the basics of the principles of computer use.

be passion about technology and innovating for the community. — be self learner and motivated.


Flight tickets to and from Cairo, Egypt.

Internal transportation.

Full accommodation for trainees in Cairo, Egypt

Training at the Egyptian National Academy of Communication and Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNDP Accelerator Lab ICT Scholarship Training Program 2019


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