WeThinkCode_ Tuition-free Coding Academy 2017 for Young Africans – Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Love solving problems?
  • You might have the potential to become a world class software engineer.
  • Sign up for the first tuition-free, peer-to-peer programming institution in Africa.

Do you see challenges as exciting opportunities? WeThinkCode_ could be for you! Apply now.

WeThinkCode_ is a revolutionary coding academy in Johannesburg. It is a tuition-free course that is 100% sponsored by companies looking for world-class computer programming skills. It is open to all. To apply, you don’t need matric or any other diploma, you only need the problem solving mind of a compute.

WeThinkCode_ is a new kind of institution dedicated to adress the IT skills gap. Our mission is to source and develop Africa’s future digital talent. WeThinkCode_ are democratising education, by making our applications open and accessible to all brilliant minds, regardless of previous education or financial means. Students pay no tuition, and we partner with corporates, foundations and individuals to sponsor students. WeThinkCode_ provide corporates access to world-class software engineers.

How it Works:

1. Apply now : Fill out the form and be kept up to date.

2. Aptitude test

Take our online test to see if you have the potential to be a great programmer.

3. Bootcamp

Ace the test and you’ll be invited to join our intense 4-week bootcamp during which you’ll be challenged to solve programming problems.

4. Learn to code

Now you are ready to start the 2-year course at our campus that will teach you all you need to know to become a world-class software engineer.

No classes, no teachers and no tuition. You don’t even need matric to apply. You work in groups with your fellow students to solve problems and have full access to campus 7 days a week. There is open access to information from various sources, and you learn how to filter, compare and use relevant data in order to solve problems. Just like the learning process is peer-oriented, students also evaluate each other’s work and help set the problems.

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