YCN/BBC World Service Bring the News to Life Creative Challenge ( £3,000 Prize)

Deadline: December 2nd 2013

YCN and BBC World Service are inviting international creatives based outside the UK, aged between 18-34, to develop an advert or advertising campaign that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service. The winner will receive £3,000, two runners-up will each receive £1,000 and shortlisted entries will be showcased through our combined editorial channels.

Ideas Should:
• Feel relevant to young people in your country
• Be creative and original
• Incorporate the strapline “Live The Story”
• It must also incorporate the BBC World Service logo (please refer to project pack).
• Keep in mind the “Live The Story” brand proposition – Live the Story is the BBC World Service proposition and end-line. Journalists at the BBC don’t just report the facts, they bring stories to life in the most vivid, engaging way that they can without ever losing their commitment to impartiality and accuracy.
What Can You Make?
You may consider using any (or all) of the following mediums for your advert
• Graphic Design for print
• Graphic Design for digital media
• Photography (digital or film)
• Illustration
• Animation (or a storyboard to show an idea or an animation)
• Short film (or a storyboard to show an idea for a short film)
• Piece of interactive content (e.g mobile app / website)
• Game idea
• Script for a radio advert
The Prize
  • The winner of the joint award will receive £3,000, and two runners-up will each receive £1,000.
     Ideas may even be turned into a real advertising campaign, if proven to be suitable.
     The winning entry will be announced by BBC World Service online at this page, ycn.org/BBCCreativeChallenge, during January 2014.

To enter your work you’ll need to become a YCN Member.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the YCN/BBC World Service Bring the News Challenge


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  1. jkessy214@gmail.com Avatar

    I think this gonna be a great platform where youths can share different creactive works… I would like to know how many entries were received in this competition….???!!! cuz it seems to be so challenging

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