Youth Enterprise Support (YES) Initiative for Aspiring Young Ghanian Entrepreneurs (GH¢10,000,000 in seed fund)

If you are an aspiring young entrepreneur, aged between 18 to 35 years, with a good business idea looking of financial support and/or expert advice to bring your idea to life, YES is your answer.
The YES initiative is offering aspiring young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, services designed around the experience of the ‘life cycle’ of successful businesses
The Youth Enterprise Support (YES) is a Government of Ghana programme initiated by President John Dramani Mahama with a ten million Ghana cedis (GH¢10,000,000) seed fund to assist young Ghanaians with creative and innovative business ideas and plans to achieve their full potential
Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for consideration of your business plan, the following criteria must be satisfied:
• You must be a Ghanaian citizen (show proof) and no more than 35 years old;
• You must have completed at least Junior High School (JHS);
• Your business plan/idea must create at least five (5) job opportunities and have a high potential for growth and job creation;
• The proposed business must be situated within the national borders of Ghana and must employ Ghanaians;
• The proposed business must not involve gambling or the production or distribution of any alcoholic beverage, tobacco or weapon. It must not involve any activity that is illegal under the laws of Ghana;
• You must be prepared and available to explain and defend your business plan/idea and provide consent for the possible filming of the process;
• You must present two letters of recommendation or reference (YES reserves the right to carry out further background checks on you)
What types of business ideas are supported by YES?
Although preference will be given to business ideas focusing on the agriculture value chain and agribusiness, YES supports
any business proposals, plans or ideas that have the potential of expanding to provide employment opportunities. YES does not
entertain proposals involving narcotics, firearms, tobacco, gambling, alcoholic products or any item considered illegal for business in Ghana.
Application Process:

Online Application

Complete all the required information and keep digital copies of the following documentation ready for upload (max. 4MB).

  • Business Plan
  • Business Registration Document
  • Proof of Nationality
  • Letter of Recommendation/Reference
  • Proof of Academic Qualification

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Youth Enterprise Support Initiative


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