11th International Conference 2016 on ICT for Development, Education and Training, Cairo, Egypt

Call for Proposals Deadline: January 18, 2016.

The 11th eLearning Africa will bring together decision makers and practitioners from across the education, business and public sectors to debate, share and take action on all themes surrounding access, openness, skills, pedagogy, sustainable development, best practice and more.

Theme 2016: Making Vision Reality

Africa is on the move. African economies are growing. Governments and businesses are looking at the future with optimism. The African Union has set out its Vision 2063, a view of what Africa might look like in fifty years. But how can vision be turned into reality? How can Africa be truly transformed? How can education and technology contribute to the transformation? And what role could a transformed Africa play in shaping tomorrow’s world?

eLearning Africa 2016 will look at the role education and technology are playing in achieving the African Union’s vision of a « transformed continent ». How can we accelerate the pace of change? What needs to be done? What resources are available? How can vision become reality?

The following subthemes are offered as a guide to submitting your proposal. However, we welcome any proposal on ICT for development, education and training that fits under this year’s overall theme.

  • Formal education: schools and higher education
  • Strengthening workforce skills
  • Widened horizons: innovative collaborations
  • Sector-specific best practices
  • Real learning taking shape
  • Practice, methods and tools
  • Emerging tech for learning


  • eLearning Africa attracts over 1,400 education professionals, investors and providers of education and training, with 86% coming from Africa.

eLearning Africa will be of professional interest to:

  • Ministers, Government Officials, Policy Makers
  • Senior Staff from Government Departments and International Development Cooperation
  • Leaders of Professional Associations, Expertise Centres, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Local and Regional Authorities, NGOs and Continuing Education Centres
  • Deans, Directors and Researchers from Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education
  • University IT Directors/Managers
  • Education Administrators
  • ICT Program Directors/Managers and Service Providers
  • Educational Association’s Personnel
  • Curriculum Designers
  • Education Policy Makers
  • Corporate Training and Development Executives
  • School Principals and Administrators, Teachers and Trainers
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • International Education Development Cooperation
  • Human Resources Executives
  • IT Managers, Multi-Media and Software Developer/Specialist
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Publishers, Instruction Designers and Content Providers
  • eLearning Specialists, Multimedia and Software Designers, System Integration Specialists and End-User Support Managers, Social Media Specialists
  • Training Consultants and Company Representatives
  • Performance and Competence Management Specialists

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  1. Please keep me posted to any scholarship opportunities for postgraduate Art and information technology programs

  2. please keep me post or emails to any scholarship program of youth Development, Peace and Conflict managment and human right issues.


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