2013 Urban Photographer of the Year Competition.

Submission Deadline:  31st August 2013.

Calling all amateur and professional photographers alike! The CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition challenges you to capture what you consider to be the essence of urban life at any time of day, anywhere in the world. Our theme this year, ”Cities at Work’’, encourages you to portray the life of your chosen town or city.

Theme : ‘Cities At Work’

The Urban Photographer of the Year will be the person who, in the eyes of the judges, has best captured the brief to portray the life of a town or city at a given time of day. Whilst the photograph does not necessarily have to be taken at that specific time of day, it does need to look as though it was. You can choose to photograph any town or city at work worldwide.  For example, a photograph could capture London at 4am, Lisbon at 2pm, Dubai at 9pm and so on. When you submit your photographs you will be asked to select which hour of the day each represents – this will place each in an hourly prize category. Please note, you can only submit one photograph for each hour of the day. You will also be given the option to enter each under one of six new categories based around urban themes. If you do not feel your photograph is represented by any these, please choose ‘none of the above’  You cannot change your entry one you have submitted it. Therefore, we advise that you take great care when selecting the hour and category for each image that you wish to submit.

The new categories are as follows:


Travel is a vital part of any urban landscape; the Travel/Transport category will house your pictures of modes of transport, journeys and movement.


This category will showcase the very best of the competition’s images of people at, or places of, work.


Architecture and the built environment is an integral part of urban society. Here we ask you to submit imaginative shots that capture the history, atmosphere and character of a city’s buildings.

4.Urban regeneration

Urban regeneration is seen as essential to revitalising impoverished urban areas, developing communities and improving the infrastructure of society. We are seeking the most thought provoking images depicting how these projects are transforming our urban environment.


By day or night, many city’s have distinctive skyline’s. Can you capture the life and stature of an urban landscape in one photograph?


Integrating environmental thinking into urban development has resulted in much creativity as cities seek to breathe fresh air into the hustle and bustle of daily life. We’re looking for images that have demonstrated green thinking.

What size does the image have to be?

Images should be no smaller than 2MB and no larger than 3MB. Images should be in JPEG format. All images must be saved in the RGB colour model and be at a minimum of @300 dpi. (8 X 10). Please note that we will contact you by email for the higher resolution image should we require your image for our coffee table book. Images that are taken on camera phones can be entered into the competition. These images should still be no smaller than 2MB in order to enter them – we may need to contact you for a higher resolution image. The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright and all other rights in all images, which they enter. Images that have won prizes in other competitions are not eligible for this competition.


First Prize: photo safari holiday,

Second Prize: Olympus OM-D Camera,

Third Prize: Blue Dot display stand


Submit your Application by Upload your Images through the Entry Form NOW on or before August 31st 2013

For More Information

Visit the Official Webpage of the Urban Photographer of the Year Competition

Terms and Conditions for the Urban Photographer of the Year Competition





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