The National Tourism Photo Competition and Job Creation Programme

National Tourism Photo Competition and Job Creation Programme for Ghanians.

National Tourism Photo Competition and Job Creation Programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts to promote tourism in Ghana, empower the youth and create employment opportunities in related industries. The competition is the first of its kind which is aimed at putting Ghana’s tourism sites on the limelight, locally and globally.

The tourism sector in Ghana contributes over $1.6 billion dollars to the economy however most of these receipts come from external tourism. The tourism sector has the potential of easily doubling its receipts from internal and external travel. This is an untapped market that needs significant promotion and that is domestic tourism. More than 90% of Ghanaians do not patronize domestic tourism largely because they do not know what regional tour offers there are pricing lack of knowledge of interesting sites for leisure and relaxation. The National Tourism Photo Competition and Job Creation Initiative (NTPC) will create several thousand jobs whilst boosting the domestic tourism industry in Ghana.

The initiative will provide 600 youths from all over the 10 regions in Ghana with a Camera equipped with zoom lenses from Canon and laptops from RLG. They will undergo a short photography and internet training course.  All participants will use criteria provided. The criteria for the participating in this competition is a minimum of Diploma and maximum of a Degree in any field, participants must be able to handle the digital camera and conversant with the use of computer and internet.

Ghana has several unknown tourist attractions all across the country; the most formidable ones are the Elmina Castle in Cape Coast and the Kakum Park. This project will bring out other tourism sites even closer to home than ever expected.

600 youths will be equipped with a digital cameras equipped with zoom lenses and RLG laptops and also undergo a photography and internet training course.
Viewers will nominate the winning images through a short code.

The main goal of NTPC is to create job opportunities and showcase Ghana’s hidden tourist sites, through the following
1.    Promoting domestic tourism in Ghana
2.    Boosting the Ghanaian tourism sector
3.    Youth employment and empowerment
4.    Capacity development and Training
5.    Promoting the Better Ghana Agenda

How to Participate

To participate in the programme you must have read the Terms and Conditions. If you meet all the requirements, go to a Ghana Commercial Bank branch near you and ask them you want to pay the application fee for the National Tourism Photo Competition. After paying the non-refundable application fee of GHS 50 to the bank, they will give you a PIN (5 digits), go back to the website ( and fill the application form online, the PIN code and a scan copy of the bank receipt will be required.

If you have your PIN code, click Here to fill the Application Form

During the filling of the application form, you will be required to attach a 500 word essay about the history of your region.

If you encounter a problem filling and submitting the form, send an email to [email protected] or contact Amin Haruna on 0244281349


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