2013 Islamic Development Bank Young Professionals Program

Application Deadline: Ongoing December 31st 2013

Eligible African Countries: Somalia, Burkina Faso, Chad, Cameroon, Egypt, Togo,Uganda, Djibouti,Tunisia, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Sierra Leone, Cote d’ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Libya ,Nigeria, Algeria , Benin, Sudan, Senegal,


The  Islamic Development Bank Young Professionals Program (YPP) is the strategic talent pipeline for the professional career in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. The Program is designed for outstanding young graduates who can significantly help the IDB Group to carry out its mission and attain its objectives.

This Program enables each Young Professional (YP) to receive extensive exposure and experience of the IDB Group’s various activities through job rotations in different departments. Participants will initially spend two weeks Orientation stage in HRMD. Then, 27 months in Foundation stage which will be split into three rotations of 9 months each in IDB Group departments.

Participants will also benefit from a coaching/career counseling arrangement and a wide range of relevant training and developmental opportunities.

Upon successful program completion, the participant will gradually climb up the professional grades in the IDB Group.

Progression  Activities
Foundation Stage
  • Two weeks Orientation at HRMD
  • Three department rotations of 9 months duration each
  • The objective of this stage is to develop/strengthen the foundation of YPs with required competencies, knowledge and skills needed in the IDB Group, so that they could succeed professionally
Integration Stage
  • YPs shall be confirmed in one of the departments subject to meeting requirements
  • Assigned a 3 to 6 months graduation project
  • YPs are expected to be in this stage between 1 year to 2 years before considered for graduation
  • The integrated YPs shall be exposed to LeadDP (Leadership Development Program)
  • YPs to be fully integrated with the IDB’s operations and culture
  • HRMD shall ensure that the YP is ready for the professional role
  • Direct placement on the grade of the position for which he/she was selected
  • Successful YPs awarded Certificate of Graduation

During the Program, the participants will also benefit from coaching/career counselling arrangements and a wide range of relevant training and developmental opportunities.

IDB Young Professional Programme Eligibility Criteria

  • Prospective candidates for the YPP must fulfill the following minimum requirements:
    • Holds a Bachelor degree in development, education, economics, finance, accounting, business administration, engineering, information technology and law or any other specializations relevant to the work of the Bank from highly reputed Universities or international centers of excellence.
    • Outstanding academic record. The indicators of high grades shall be based on education system of each country or region.  The following grades from different education systems shall form a baseline for candidate’s eligibility for the YP program:
      • GPA 3.5 on the scale of 4 or equivalent for any other system
      • ‘A’ Grade according to regional systems following ABC grading
      • ‘Excellent’ (ممتاز) in Arab, Russian or any other region’s system following such grading system
      • Bien in French and Francophone systems.
      • 2nd Class Upper Honors in British system
    • Shall be a citizen of an IDB member country; applicants from Muslim communities of non-member countries may be admitted
    • Age not more than 32 years at the time of interviews. May be allowed to attend interviews if they are under the age requirement at the date of application.
    • No working experience is required. However, experience shall be considered favourably
    • Applicants in the following categories shall be considered as Priority candidates subject to their meeting entry requirements:

    a) Professionals with experience in a field directly related to the IDB Group’s activities particularly experience working in global organizations

    b) Under-represented nationalities from IDB member countries

    c) Master’s degree or its equivalent or Ph.D

    d) Good command of Arabic or either English or French provided he/she is able to work in English.

Selection Process

The General Selection Cycle is as follows:

  • Applications are received throughout the year
  • All candidates are subjected to a comprehensive, rigorous and competitive selection process
  • The Final Selection Interviews shall be normally held at IDB HQ in Jeddah
  • Selection of the final Candidates will be carried out through an Interview Panel
  • Successful candidates will be sent an offer from the Bank and expected to join the Bank in the next six months upon acceptance of the offer
  • The IDB is an international organisation and operates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia having the headquarters based in Jeddah.  In view of this, our employment conditions are subjected to the regulations and requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In view of this, candidates are advised that you do not leave your current employment until a work visa invitation is approved by the Saudi authorities and forwarded to you through the Bank.
  • Further process will be carried out by the Human Resources Management Department (HRMD) upon receiving the response of the candidate.
  • The YP intake generally takes place in two to three batches annually.
  • Depending on the period your batch is processed, you shall be informed of the status accordingly. This may take some time as we typically receive large volumes of applications each time.

Worth of the IDB Young Professional Program

YPs shall be provided with continual support through coaching and guidance from the department they are rotated to. HRMD shall provide career and counseling support to help them in their career aspirations.

The YPP provides intensive training opportunities, a unique on-the-job training at the hand of international experts and continuous development. The YPP envisions a “total development” concept. It anchors on the 4Ts Development Model¹ encompassing the following:

  • Rotational Training with On-the-Job experience
  • YPP Training Curriculum
  • Leadership Development Program (LeadDP)
  • Sharing & Engagements with Senior Management
  • Shadowing Senior Professionals
  • Support for Professional Certifications
  • Mission Learning experience
  • Working in Teams, Committees, Task Force etc

¹ Training, Transfer, Teamwork & Travel

Remunerations and Benefits

  • Basic Salary: Internationally competitive tax free salary based on education and experience of the YPs.
  • COLA: Cost of living allowance as per the management’s decision.
  • Transportation Allowance: Lump sum monthly payment besides basic salary.
  • Spouse Allowance: 5% of basic salary if the spouse is not working.
  • Housing Allowance: To a certain maximum limit.
  • Children Education Allowance: 75% of the actual costs of education to a prescribed limit.
  • Air Tickets: Granted for home leave
  • Dependency Allowance: A maximum of 5 dependents.
  • Medical Coverage: Medical treatment for staff members and their dependents
  • Leave: 24 working days leave for new staff members during one year in addition to 10 days casual leave to attend emergencies. YPs are only allowed to consume a maximum of 10 days annual leave once in each rotation.
  • Staff Retirement Plan: Co-contribution.
  • Group Personnel Accident Insurance
  • Medical Treatment Fund for Retirees: The IDB offers staff members the opportunity to participate in a medical treatment fund for retirement on a cost sharing basis.
  • Relocation Travel
  • Installation Allowance
  • Relocation Shipment
  • Car Financing

Note: The above benefits are subject to the prevailing rules & regulations of the Bank.

List of Islamic Development Bank Group Member Countries

Begin the Application for the Islamic Development Bank Young Professional Programme

Islamic Development Bank Young Professional Programme Official Webpage


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