2013/2014 Margaret Sanders Foundation International Schools Scholarship Fund

Application Deadline: September 1st 2013

Margaret Sanders Scholarship

Born in 1910, Margaret Sanders often found herself working in a man’s world where she held such jobs as advertising designer, writer, air traffic controller, photographer and international yearbook representative.  Her career with Walsworth Publishing Company began in 1961 and during the subsequent four decades, she traveled the world assisting schools with the publication of their yearbooks.  This exciting career afforded her the opportunity to develop a close identification with overseas “American/International” schools and their diverse and interesting populations.

Margaret passed on in June, 2009. She left a legacy of giving through her scholarship fund in perpetuity.

Past scholarship winners have come from international schools in Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sultanate of Oman, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe.


International Schools Scholarship Fund

Selection Process and Timeline


All graduating students from member schools of the various educational Regions as recognized by AAIE worldwide are eligible to apply for The Margaret Sanders Scholarship for the year 2014-2015. Several scholarships will be awarded.

The United Way website is available to applicants to simplify and expedite the application process.

The scholarship(s) are intended to defray a broad range of educational expenses such as tuition, room and board, books, computers and the like.

To keep the selection uniform in all Regions, certain procedures are recommended:

  1. The school will publicize the scholarships to graduating seniors.
  2. Set an application deadline date.
  3. Form a local Awards Council or appoint an individual staff member to review the scholarship applications.
  4. Select one applicant to be nominated from their school.
  5. Forward the candidate’s completed application packet to their Regional Office before the deadline established by their Regional Director.
  6. Include a cover letter that gives the name of the school’s chosen candidate for the Scholarship.


We recommend that one person at each school be responsible for publicizing the scholarship and coordinating the application process.


The final selection for the $3,000 – 5,000 scholarship(s) will be made by educators on both the east and west coasts of the United States and will be announced at the annual AAIE Conference in February.

Once the scholarships have been awarded, the regional offices will notify the winners in their respective regions.

Once the scholarships have been awarded, the regional offices will notify the winners in their respective regions.

Please note:

The Foundation will make payments for educational expenses directly to the college/university selected by the award recipients, with the qualifying provision that it must be a 501 (c)(3), U.S. chartered, degree-granting institution.  Should the college/university cease to be a qualified 501 (c)(3), United Way cannot disburse funds unless proven status is reinstated.

Scholarship monies will be paid to the student’s selected educational institution once The Foundation has received official notification from the institution that the student has matriculated.  The student should ensure their chosen institution has sent official notification of his/her matriculation to the United Way Foundation as soon as practical, in order to receive scholarship funds.

Send your completed applications to:

Executive Director

Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)

P. O. Box 14103 – 00800

Peponi Road

Nairobi, Kenya

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  +254 (0) 20 2697442


 The deadline for the receipt of applications at the AISA Office is September 1st.

Download the application form for Margaret Sanders International Schools Scholarship on offer for 2013-2014 year.


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