Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan.

Japan Student Service Organization

Japan Student Service Organization

This scholarship is available for qualified international students accepted by Japanese universities, graduate schools, or colleges of technology under the student exchange agreement on a short-term basis from about three months to one year.


For the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • Monthly stipend: ¥80,000 per month

The monthly stipend may change by the budget of financial year 2013.

Eligibility For Application

The applicant must satisfy following conditions:


  • MUST hold nationality of countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan.
  • DOES NOT hold nationality of Japan.

Application Overview

Japanese universities submit their yearly student exchange plans to JASSO.  According to the yearly plan, JASSO will allocate the quota of scholarships to each Japanese university. Within this quota, Japanese universities will recommend their exchange students to JASSO.  The student will be notified of the screening results through the Japanese host university.

  • Recommendations will not be accepted from universities without any quota of scholarships.
  • All applications must be processed through Japanese universities.  Direct applications from overseas universities or students will not be accepted.
  • Application deadlines for students will differ at each university.  The applicant must contact the university to confirm the application schedule and the necessary documents.

Detailed Application Process for the 2012-2013 academic year

This schedule is subject to change.

1. Distribution of application guidelines (JASSO→Japanese Universities (Host U)

2. Submission of yearly plan (Japanese Universities (Host U)→JASSO

3. Notice of scholarship quota (JASSO→Japanese Universities (Host U)

4. Recruitment of students on the basis of scholarship quota (Japanese Universities (Host U)→Universities Abroad (Home U))

5. Recruitment of students (Universities Abroad (Home U)→Students)

6. Application (Students→Universities Abroad (Home U))

7. Recommendation of students (Universities Abroad (Home U)→Japanese Universities (Host U))

8. Recommendation of students by each of the following deadlines (Japanese Universities (Host U)→JASSO)

  1. Early March
  2. Late May
  3. Late September

9. Notice of screening results (JASSO→Japanese Universities (Host U))

  1. Late March
  2. Mid June
  3. Mid October

10. Notice of screening results (Japanese Universities (Host U)→Universities Abroad (Home U))

11. Notice of screening results (Universities Abroad (Home U)→Students)


Students are placed in three groups depending on when the study programs at  the Japanese host universities begin.

Different deadlines are set for each group as follows.

  1. The 1st Period: for students starting their studies between April 1 and July 31.
  2. The 2nd Period: for students starting their studies between August 1 and November 30.
  3. The 3rd Period: for students starting their studies between December 1 and March 15.

For More Information : Visit the Japan Student Service Organsization Website


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