2014 Vodafone Appstar Developer Contest for Africans (Win a Trip to Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Devices, Amzon Gift Vouchers and Cash Prizes)


Local Contest: October 31st 2014

International Contest: January 14th 2015

appStar is the Annual Developer Contest conducted by Vodafone, for developers across several countries of African & Asian continent, to promote local talent & bring them to the international stage.

If you have an innovative and cool app that you have built or as an idea that you want to develop and showcase, appStar is the right platform for you.

If you are a developer, permanently residing in Kenya, India, Ghana or South Africa, you can participate in this contest


1. Are you a citizen of one of these countries? Ghana, India, Kenya or South Africa. Then you are eligible!

2. Have you developed (or can you develop) an app in one of iOS, Android, J2ME or WP8 that you own? Then you are eligible! (Just to be clearer – if you are into services and have developed an app for a client, you are NOT eligible)

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.33.59 AM

Appstar 2014 would have two rounds:

• In Round one (or National contest), all developers of a particular country will compete against each other. The national contest has different categories. Please refer to your Look at your country page for further details.

• In Round two (or International contest), the best two developers of each country (one established developer# & one upcoming developer##)### would compete against developers from other countries, where they would get the opportunity to showcase their app live to a large audience

The final winner would be announced at International Contest. Keep looking at this space to know the location for International contest.

# An ‘established’ developer/company is one that satisfies ANY ONE of the following criteria: 10+ employees, established more than 24 months before 15 Jan 2015; Has 50,000+ downloads of all their apps put together in popular apps stores.

## An ‘upcoming’ developer/company is one that does not satisfy ANY of the criteria listed above for ‘established’ developer

### In all cases, decision of Vodafone Group Company / Partner is final on who is an established / upcoming developer




international prizes appstar 2014


For More Information:

Read the Terms and Condition for the Vodafone Appstar Competition

Visit the Official Webpage of the Vodafone Appstar Competition 2014


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