2015 Africa Centre Artists In Residency (AIR) Programme for Emerging African Artists. (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: September 30th 2015

Each year, the Africa Centre, provides artists with the unique opportunity to spend four to six weeks fully dedicated to developing their craft. This year through partnerships with residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Kenya, Spain, Tanzania and the United States we are proud to offer thirteen unique residencies for its 2015 AIR programme.


The Artists In Residency (AIR) Programme is seeking applications from high caliber African artists who are provocative, innovative, socially engaged and stretching the boundaries of their artistic practice.

The AIR partners select an artist from a short list provided by the Africa Centre, for one of their 2015 or 2016 residencies. The costs of the residency and round-trip airfare are included in each residency award made.

The residencies are available to artists in different stages of their career development (from emerging to late career) across all disciplines: visual arts, performing arts; creative & literary arts; film; music & curatorial practice. Each residency offers a distinct structure, set of requirements and duration

The  Artists  In  Residency  (AIR)  Programme accepts  submissions  from  emerging,
mid-career  and  senior  level  artists  across  artistic  discipline  i.e.  visual  arts,  performing  arts, curatorial  practice,  performing  arts,  music,  creative  writing  and   literature  who  are  either  self  taught  or  formally  trained  in  their  respective  discipline.
Applicants  must:
•  Be  over  21  years  of  age;
•  Have  a  valid  passport;
•  Be  from  the  African  continent  and  must  minimally  reside  in  Africa for  six   months  of  the  year,  and
• Display  a  high  proficiency  in  English
Selection Process:
  • Applicants  are  shortlisted  by  a  panel  of  AIR  staff,  strategic  partners  and  seasoned  art  practitioners  (curators,  collectors,  and  art  critics)  who  form  part  of  the   extensive  Africa  Centre  network.
  • Artists  will  be  shortlisted  based   on  the  quality  of  their  work/portfolio,  written  narrative  (i.e  the  ability  to  adequately  process and  respond  to  the  application  questions)  as  well  as  their  previous  experience  and  history  of  developing  artistic  work  that  advances  social  change  and   transformation  in  their  communities
Applications  can  be  made  through  the  following  avenues:
1. Visit  Africa  Centre  AIR  website to  apply  via  the Online Application Form.
2. E‐mail  Application:
Download  the  application  form  from  www.africacentre.net  and  send  your   application  directly  to  [email protected].  Please  ensure  that  all  attachments  are  less  than  5MB.  Be  sure  to  add  the  artistic  discipline  you  are  applying  under  i.e.  visual  arts/performing  arts;  music,  etc  followed  by  a  dash  and  your  full  name  in  the  email  subject  fields
3. Submitting  via  Post:
If  you  cannot  use  any  of  the  above  methods,  you  can  post  your  application   directly  to  us  after  downloading  the   form.  Be  sure  to  include  an  e‐mail  address   and  phone  number  where  we  can  contact  you.
Postal  Address:
For More Information:


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