2016/2017 Czech Republic Government Scholarships for Developing Countries

Application Deadline: September 30th 2015

The Government of the Czech Republic offers scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing countries at public institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic.

These so called Government Scholarships are designed to cover the standard length of study:

1) in Bachelor/Master/Doctoral study programmes plus one-year preparatory course of the Czech language (which is combined with other field-specific training). Government scholarships of this category are awarded to graduates from upper secondary schools, or Bachelor’s/Master’s degree courses, as applicable, who can enrol only in study programmes in which instruction is given in the Czech language. Depending on the subject area, applicants are normally required to sit entrance examinations at the higher education institution concerned. Successful passing of entrance examinations constitutes a precondition for the scholarship award;


2) in follow-up Master study programmes or Doctoral study programmes. Government scholarships of this category are awarded to graduates of Bachelor or Master study programmes, respectively, who enrol in study programmes with instruction in the English language.



  • The scholarships are intented solely to promote the studies of adults who are foreign nationals from developing third countries in need. Neither a citizen of the Czech Republic, nor a citizen of a member state of the European Union, nor any other foreign national with a permit to permanent residence on the territory of the Czech Republic may therefore be granted this type of scholarship.
  • Furthermore, the scholarships may not be granted to persons under 18 years of age. (The applicants have to turn 18 as of 1 September of the year when they commence studies in the Czech Republic at the latest.)
  • A limited number of scholarships is offered also to applicants from selected developing countries through the UNESCO. Each applicant is obliged to fill out an electronic application form available at: http://registr.dzs.cz/registr.nsf/unesco.
  • Prospective applicants are advised to address their inquiries concerning, among others, their eligibility and closing date for applications to the Czech Embassies in their countries.


  • Each applicant is obliged to fill in an electronic application form available at http://registr.dzs.cz/registr.nsf at the latest by 30 September of the year prior to the given academic year (i.e., the calendar year that precedes the academic year for which scholarships are offered)

Download the Application Guideline – English

Download the Application Guideline – French

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  1. Am in first year doin nursing ,from Malawi,wish to access this opportunities in any health related field,
    may i be contacted on +265888810143

  2. I am a Sociology graduate who wishes to pursue a masters program in a development related field anywhere in the world on a scholarship sponsored study.Over ten years hands on experience in social welfare matters.Very positive about global changed and development.

  3. I humbly apply for scholarship to study Masters in Public Health or Medical Laboratory Science. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist with 3.48 CGPA. Thanks.

  4. am a Kenyan with bachelor of science in nursing , wish to get scholarship to study master in nursing(obstetric and reproductive health). this will prepare me to handle challenges of woman health in Africa.

  5. I am a Namibian 20 year old student now working for a Telecommonications company in Windhoek. I would really like to apply for a bursary for Petroleum Engineering a long life dream of mine. Can you help me by emailing me please?

  6. I want a scholarship for postgraduate studies in development ,good governance or international relationships

  7. Am a Sierra leonean with a BA In Sociology and History i want to pursue a master course in development studies.

  8. Am a ghanaian and a bachelor of business degree holder i want to persue a master programme in supply chain management

  9. I am Ngenge Martin Mbanda of age 22years a cameroonian and a holder of Bachelor of science in Accounting, i want a scholarship to study Master in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance

  10. am a kenyan aged ,i hold adiploma in business management from a local university .i need an undergraduate a scholarship .can i get please

  11. Hello am from Ethiopia. The time given for the exam is not enough. since during that time there will be electric power fluctuation and it will take the time to restart the computer. so the selecting committe will give emphasis for that matter.

  12. Comment: I am a M. Sc holder in sociology. I wish to pursue a PhD program in any social development program

  13. I want to apply masters program scholarship in agriculcher and related fields. how i can get full information. thank you

  14. I am from afghanistan currantly ı study master of bussiness administration in Türkiye. İn spring simester of 2015-2016 i wil giong by erasmu progroma to bodejovice after that i would like to take one another master progrom throughu the Cezch Repablic scholarship for devolopment conutry. I would like to know that which I have a right to do it or not.

  15. hi
    I am Nerci Niknam from Iran Is there any scholarship for me any where of the world.
    I am interested in medicine and in my country from 800000 student just 1000-2000 student can apply medicine
    My diploma mark is 19.19,
    Help me if you can
    Thanks for all

  16. I am Ordu Rachel from Nigeria, can I be granted a full scholarship to study medicine in China? if yes Hw do I apply?

  17. I`m Abrahim Danya who wanna this apportunity scholarship Africans also I`m ine`s student in developing countries third nations so Shut May be Even I need Scholarship in Czech Republic Help me that.

  18. I’M from Ethiopia and I have first degree in rural development so now I’m looking for masters program that no money and any chance to learn do to these reasons I would kindly requesting you to help me

  19. My name is Berhanu Wakjira am from Ethiopia and I have bachelors of Veterinary in Science holder and i want to up grade in MSc in one of the university of the Czech Republic , so please inform me with a peace of information.

  20. I am a natural resource economics and management and wishes to join masters postgraduate in agricultural economics field and any where in the world on scholarship sponsored study. I have an experience in socio-economics and agricultural fields, interested in socio economic development and the glob as a whole.

  21. I m Namibian young girl I want to persuade my studies in accounting related field .contact me on Email

  22. Comment: I am 19 doing business admistration im Malawi. Am in second year and want to apply for Masters in Business Administration course after i finish a 4yr course here. Please contact me on +265 995 082 901. And email: [email protected]

  23. Hi i’m from ethiopia and i have first degree in accounting & finance graduated from addis abeba universtiy& am looking for masters program so i want to up unversity of the czech republic so please inform me with a peace of information


  25. I am a Ghanaian lady. Currently, I possess Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I would need a full scholarship for my masters programme. Is there any possibility?


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