2015 Beijing Municipal Government Scholarships for International students to study in China

Application Deadline: February 28 2015

The Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS) was established by Beijing Municipal Government, aiming to provide tuition fees fully or partially to the international students studying or applying for studying in Beijing.

The international students applying for the Beijing Government Scholarships shall normally submit relevant materials to the universities in Beijing that he/she hope to apply by the end of February every year.


1) Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.

2) Educational background and age limit

2.1) Applicants for undergraduate studies in Beijing must have completed senior high school with good grades and be under the age of 30. Applicants for Masters degree studies in Beijing must have Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35. Applicants for Doctoral degree studies in Beijing must have Master’s degree and be under the age of 40.

2.2) Applicants for advanced studies must have an undergraduate degree or be in the second year of a university course and be under the age of 50. Applicants for long term language study must have a high school diploma and be under the age of 60.

2.3) Visiting scholar candidates in Beijing must have a Masters or higher degree or hold academic titles of associate professor or higher, and be under the age of 50.

3) Requirement for applicant’s language proficiency

Requirement for the applicant’s language proficiency is based on the requirement of the academic programs and determined by the individual higher learning institution.

4) An applicant receives financial support from other Chinese government scholarship programs or organizations/agencies would not be eligible for the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students


Scholarship Worth

The Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students only covers tuition fees. According to the applicants’ status, the allowance for scholarship students can be classified into 5 types:

1) 40,000 RMB/year for a Doctoral degree

2) 30,000 RMB/year for a Masters degree

3) 20,000 RMB/year/ for a Bachelor degree

4) 10,000 RMB/year for a Senior training or long term language program

5)5,000 RMB/year for Exchange students or students with outstanding contributions to international education in Beijing.


Application Procedure

1) Application procedures

1.1) Applicants submit documents to the Chinese government office in charge of sending international students to China, relevant offices in the applicants’ home country, or the Chinese diplomatic missions or embassies in the applicants’ home country.

1.2) Applicants may register via the web with the Beijing Education Commission http://www.bjedu.gov.cn

1.3) Applicants may submit documents to Chinese institutions in Beijing directly.

2)Application timing.

All application materials should be handed to the relevant university or college before the end of February.

3) Application documents (completed in English or Chinese)

Applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly and correctly.

3.1) Application Form for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship (can be collected from the institutions in Beijing or downloaded from the school’s website)

3.2) Highest diploma and transcript (notarized photocopy).

3.3) Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (printed by the Chinese quarantine authority and only for those whose period of study in China is six months or greater).

3.4) Applicants for Degree study or specialized research should submit a study plan (no more than 400 words) or a research plan (no more than 800 words).

3.5) Applicants for music and fine arts are requested to submit personal works.

3.6) Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians in China.

3.7) Whether the applicants are admitted or not application documents will not be returned


For specific application means, you can consult the government departments and relevant institutions responsible for dispatching students abroad in your country, Chinese embassies or consulates; you can also visit the Web of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (http://www.bjedu.gov. cn) to inquiry; or directly apply to the universities qualified to issue such scholarship in Beijing.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship


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