2015 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum for Journalists, Bonn Germany (Fully Funded, All Expense Paid to Germany)

Application Deadline: 12 April 2015, 23:59 CET

What: Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum
When: 22 to 24 June 2015.
Whom:  Young journalists, Photographers and Video-makers (aged between 18 and 30) from all over the world

Orange Magazine is looking for 10 young journalists, photographers and video-makers (aged between 18 and 30) from all over the world to cover this year’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. The Orange Magazine provides journalistic education and supports young journalists by giving them room to explore media and current affairs. The event will take place in Bonn, Germany from  22 to 24 June 2015.

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is a congress with international reach. Based on attendance at the most recent conference, around 2,300 people from more than 130 nations are expected to participate in 2015, including hundreds of journalists from all around the world.

The forum draws people from the fields of media, politics, culture, business, development cooperation, academia and civil society. They discuss and design approaches to meeting the challenges of global development in which the media play a central role.

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. It portrays the nation as rooted in European culture and as a democratic state based on the rule of law.

Orange Magazine is a project of European Youth Press (EYP), an organisation working for the benefit of young journalists in Europe.

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster and host of the DW Global Media Forum. A congress with international reach that draws both media representatives and professionals from all over the world, working in the fields of politics, culture, business, development and science. This year’s DW Global Media Forum in Bonn will focus on “Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age.”

The organisers will provide the Orange Magazine team with free access to the whole event including opportunities to interview both guest speakers and participants.


The call is open to young journalists from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, White Russia/Belarus, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda etc.), Burma/Myanmar, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.


Travel costs will be reimbursed by partner Deutsche Welle. Accommodation for three nights and food are covered.


The following positions are open for applications:


Responsibilities: The photographer will take pictures during the event, which will be published in the print edition of the Orange Magazine, on the Orange Magazine website, Facebook page and newsletters. The photographer will be expected to edit his or her own pictures on Photoshop/Aperture in order to prepare them for publishing quality.

Eligibility: You will have to provide your own camera equipment and demonstrate previous experience in photography.

Application: Please send a CV and a portfolio with your pictures.


Responsibilities: The video team will create a 3-5 videos, which will include the highlights of the conference and some vox pops with the key guests and organisers of the event.

Eligibility: Experience in video editing and camera shooting.

Application: Please send CV and samples from your previous video work.


Responsibilities: The social media journalist will have to visit briefly all of the sessions and update with some snapshots and catchy messages the Orange Website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Infogram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Eligibility: Social media experience required, having blog or twitter accounts are an asset.

Application: Please send CV and/or examples of blog/Twitter/Facebook or other social media page.


Responsibilities: The Orange team will produce one issue of the magazine during the Global Media Forum. Each member will have to write at least 1 feature related to the topics of the 2014 edition of the Global Media Forum: “Media and foreign policy in digital age”.

In order to apply for the conference you will have to suggest a story idea related to the topic “Media and foreign policy in digital age” in advance. You will have to answer the following questions in no more than 300 words:

  • What is your story idea?
  • How is it related to the conference topic?
  • How are you going to research the topic?
  • Who are you planning to interview?

Application: Please send a CV, previous work and your concept for a feature article related to the mentioned theme.

Please note that social media skills are highly appreciated.

You will be expected to tweet and feed on the Orange Magazine Facebook page during the conference. Audio and video skills are considered an advantage.

You are expected to have a perfect working and writing knowledge of English and the capacity to work with people from other cultural backgrounds.

How to apply:

For additional information contact:

Triin Ilves –[email protected]

Anna Valmero – [email protected]

Visit the Official Webpage of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum



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