2015 Friends of Waldorf Education paid volunteering Opportunities in Germany

Application Deadline: February 28 2015

People of all nations are invited to apply for voluntary service in Germany sponsored by the Friends of Waldorf Education. The Incoming Volunteer Program is designed for motivated, socially committed women and men of 18 years and up whose permanent residence is outside Germany.

For a voluntary service starting in August 2015 please apply from 1st  November 2014 until 28th February 2015.

Eligibility Requirement:

You must

  • be at least 18 years old (there is no maximum age).
  • have permanent residency outside Germany.
  • be socially motivated and show dedication to your work or engagement.
  • know at least the basics of the German language.
  • have already gathered practical experience in working with people with special needs or with the elderly
  • be prepared to work for 12 months in a full-time capacity. Shorter terms of service are not possible.
  • be entirely open to living together with the residents and patients of an institution for curative therapy (children with disabilities), social therapy (adults with disabilities) or a home for the elderly.
  • be eager for personal development and be ready to integrate yourself fully in a new culture and work environment.
  • show initiative and a strong sense of social engagement, as these fields of work will, at least in part, be quite demanding.


Before and during the period of service, volunteers receive the following benefits:

  • Support with visa application (official invitation) prior to service
  • An allowance of at least 150 euros per month during the duration of the service
  • Free room and board while in Germany
  • Free health, accident and liability insurance
  • Contractually regulated holidays
  • Educational and administrative backing and support through the Friends of Waldorf Education during the voluntary service
  • 20 accompanying seminar days, free of charge, at the beginning, during and at the close of the voluntary service, as well as transportation costs to and from the seminars

How to Apply:

Please send us your COMPLETD application for the German voluntary service ONLY via e-mail ([email protected]):

A completed application includes the following documents:

1. Application form 1
2. Application form 2
3. Checklist
4. Photo in jpg format (max. 250 KB)Passport photo
5. Reference for a social internship (further details about the internship)
6. German language certificate (minimum level A1, with minimum score “Good”) (further details about the German knowledge)
7. A legible copy of your passport
8. References from your host family (if you have worked as an Au Pair in Germany or another German-speaking country.
9. Confirmation for the attendance of Waldorf education seminars, certificates of job training, job references if you have already worked in Waldorf institutions before and would like to undergo further training (only for applicants to Waldorf schools and kindergartens)
10. A copy of your driver‘s license (if applicable)


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Friends of Waldorf Education paid volunteering Opportunities


  1. Compliment Sir, please help me promote my page” Humanitarian Platform’ on facebook, by posting some these opportunities on my page. I was inspired by what you do when I came across this portal. I like what you do. I am planning to register with the corporate Affairs Commission. I want run a kind of volunteer platform where we will provide ready hands and exepertise for various opportunities in the nonprofit coming to Nigeria. I live in Abuja. What advice will you profer me beside this startup idea? Thanks Sir.

    • @Joel: Great Idea. If you believe in something, Go for it. Do it for the right reasons. It might be rough and tough at the start but you need to be persistent. All the Best….Cheers…Yes you can…See you the TOP….You miss all the shots you don’t take- JUST DO IT!!

  2. Hallo! Mein Name ist Danijela. Ich möchte mich bewerben. aner ich bin nicht sicher, wie ich meine Sprachkenntnisse beweisen kann. Ich studiere Germanistik in Serbien, in Novi Sad. Muss ich von einer Sprachschule einen Zertifikat haben oder reicht es , dass ich eine Unterschrift eines DAAD-Lektoren bekomme?

    Danke im Voraus,
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. My name is Epie Cyril, i have interest to work as a volunteer but the problem i have is the German language. i can’t speak German but i am fluent in English language. i will like to know if i can still successfully apply.


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