2015 Innovate Inchallenges Social Entrepreneurship/Innovation Competitions

Application Deadline: March 1st 2015

InChallenges are social entrepreneurship- and innovation competitions that empower youths in Sierra Leone, Kenya and South Africa to create and implement their own solutions to pressing problems in their communities.

How They Work:

  • Any Senior Secondary School in Sierra Leone, Kenya or South Africa can nominate teams of 2 – 5 students to participate in the national InChallenge.
  • The teams with the best proposals will be selected as finalist by an internationally acclaimed panel of judges and receive seed-funding  to test and prove their solution to a well-defined local problem over a piloting phase.
  • Teams will need to provide details of how the projects will be developed and why the teams are well suited to accomplish their projects.
  • At the end of the competition cycle, the best finalist teams may be selected as winners, if sufficient progress has been made on their project.
  • Each winning team will receive additional funding to further develop and scale their project.
  • The award money is not meant for personal use of team members and must be used only for the project.

Project Proposals

Project Proposals must include all of the following:

        • Contact Information: Provide each team member’s name, your school’s name, address and detailed contact information

        • ŸIntroduction: A brief overview of your project

        • ŸThe Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve through this innovation

        • ŸProblem Motivation: Why is this problem important to you?

        • ŸProposed Solution: How are you planning on fixing this problem? And is it scalable?

        • ŸDetailed Budget: What would the costs be to completing your project?

        • ŸPlan of Action: What steps are you planning on taking to make this project a reality?



  • Semi-Finalist Developmental Awards

    Semi-finalists will receive up to $500 USD to begin prototyping/developing their project proposals. The prize money will be determined by the detailed budget provided. Announced end of May.

  • Finalist Innovate InChallenge Grand Prize

    Finalists will receive up to $1000 USD continue developing their project over the course of a year. Mentorship and additional resources will also be provided. Announced end of August.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Innovate InChallenge Competition



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