2015 MENA Common Ground Institute Fellowship Call for Research Proposals

Application Deadline: June 5th  2015

MENA Common Ground Institute (MENA CGI) is launching a Call for Research Proposals from researchers affiliated with research institutions to carry out mapping studies and research on dialogue and conflict resolution processes in either Egypt or Tunisia, with the overall objective of expanding and advancing research in the fields of dialogue and conflict resolution in academia in the MENA region.

Applicants may propose research topics on any aspect of dialogue and conflict resolution at the local or national level in either Egypt or Tunisia (to be further refined in collaboration with MENA CGI once the fellows have been selected).

One aspect of the research should be the identification and evaluation of good practices from completed (or well advanced) dialogue and conflict resolution projects on the local or national levels in the target country (Egypt or Tunisia).

These projects may relate to diverse topics of local importance, including but not limited to peacebuilding and conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, civic participation, democratic transition, gender advocacy, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship.


  • Researchers must be legal residents of either Egypt or Tunisia. Nationals from other MENA countries who are currently residing in Egypt or Tunisia are also eligible.
  • Researchers must hold a post-graduate degree in social sciences, human rights, conflict studies, political sciences or any relevant field.
  • Researchers must be affiliated with an academic institution of higher education, research institute, academic center, or think-tank in Egypt or Tunisia.
  • Researchers must be fluent in one of the following languages: English, French or Arabic.
  • Researchers must have published at least one relevant research work in one of the above-mentioned 3 languages.
  • Applicants must be available during the research period (mid-June to the end of August 2015).

Fellowship Worth:

  • Each MENA CGI Fellow will receive a lump sum of $1,850 USD to cover all expenses associated with this MENA CGI Fellowship, which shall include both desk research and field visits arranged by the Fellow with the assistance of the MENA CGI Team.
  • Each Fellowship must include a minimum of one week of field visits.


  • The Fellowship period will last from mid-June to the end of August 2015. The above deliverables are due by the end of August 2015.


  • One analytical research article (7,000-9,000 words), to be published with the assistance of MENA CGI. A first draft will be required for review by MENA CGI prior to the final deadline of August 31, 2015.
  • An opinion article (op-ed) and a blog post (e.g. simplified digests of the research intended for a general audience, personal anecdotes and insights from the research process, etc.), which will be promoted and publicized by MENA CGI on the SFCG website, Common Ground Blog, and other online platforms.

How to Apply:

  • Applicant researchers should complete the research proposal template and send it with an up-to-date resume and a sample of previously published research work (as a link, Word document, or PDF) by email to [email protected] with “MENA CGI Fellowship Application” in the subject line.

Download the Research Proposal Form

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MENA CGI Fellowship


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