2015 YouthfulCities RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP Programme : Call for Reasearch Fellows.

Application Deadline: July 12th 2015

Do you want to do work that matters? Do you want to make a difference in your city? Do you want your voice to be heard?

If you believe that youth voices matter and want to help shape the future of your city for the better, you’re not alone. YouthfulCities is a social enterprise leading cities towards a more youthful future. YouthfulCities investigate the priorities, challenges, and concerns of young people, and find tangible ways to help youth implement the changes they want to see. Do you want to join in?

YouthfulCities are looking for Research Fellows in 75 cities all over the world to help in achieving its goal. The main focus is to implement a research project in each city to seek out the opinions of youth. What’s important to them? How do they think their city is performing?

Each fellow will be asked to collect 1000 responses to the Urban Attitudes Survey from their city with support from the YouthfulCities global team.

Africa Countries:


Africa Countries:

  • Abuja, Nigeria
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Durban, South Africa
  • Khartoum, Sudan
  • Kinshasha, Congo
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Luanda, Angola
  • Nairobi, Kenya

Application Requirements:

  • You need to be available to complete the Urban Attitudes Survey between July 15 and September 30, 2015.

  • You need to be in one of the above listed cities during this period.

  • You need to have research experience at a university level.

  • You need strong written and verbal English and the ability to do some translation between English and your home language.

  • You should have a good social network in your city.

  • You should be an outgoing person as you will need to meet people and build connections.

  • You need to be organized with a strong commitment to completing projects


Fellowship Responsibilities:

  • Fellows will build a relationship with a research mentor in their city.
  • There will be opportunities to add your ideas, analyze the data to create new insights, publish on our global website and other platforms, and connect with other Fellows around the world.
  • Fellows will also have the chance to act as the local representative for YouthfulCities at events and for the media.
  • Build unprecedented knowledge about youth in your city, tap into a passionate global network, and be a part of an ongoing international project.


  • You’ll be joining the YouthfulCities network!
  • You’ll also be connected with further job opportunities: For Youthful Cities consulting projects much of the recruitment is from within the current network. Over the past year Youthful Cities hired 100 youth to work on projects.
  • You’ll also be first to know about the YouthfulCities Global Summit, and be a member of the unofficial “YouthfulCities Couchsurfing Network” with friends in 75 cities!
  • You will be able to act as the local spokesperson for YouthfulCities, and will be featured on the  YouthfulCities website as well as have the opportunity to speak to media, or write about your experiences.
  • Create a strong network in their city: You’ll be forging relationships with local organizations and leaders that can last a lifetime.

  • Build up your resume with paid work experience and references.

  • You’ll be involved in a global project that gives you a unique understanding of youth and cities, and have the opportunity to give a voice to youth where you live.

Apply Now for the YouthfulCities Research Fellowship Programme

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the YouthfulCities Research Fellowship Programme


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