2015/2016 Global Good Fund Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs (USD 10,000)


The Global Good Fund is accepting applications from social entrepreneurs for its 2016 Fellowship Program cohort

The Global Good Fund invests in high potential young leaders tackling the world’s greatest social issues through entrepreneurship. The GGF engages these leaders through a 15-month Fellowship experience. They support the leadership development of Fellows in their natural work environments. The GGF provide access to a 360 leadership assessment personalized for social entrepreneurs, one-on-one executive coaching, a personalized Leadership Development Plan,an industry executive level coach, and up to USD 10,000 of funding to be used in line with leadership development funding

Every candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership and growth potential;
  • The candidate must be at a critical point for his/her leadership or for the future of the enterprise;
  • Candidate is committed to social impact and is driving significant change in the his/her industry;
  • The enterprise that the candidate leads is at least one year old;
  • The enterprise must have at least one full-time employee in addition to the candidate;
  • Candidate is committed full‐time to running his/her enterprise;
  • Candidate is coachable and humble, meaning that he/she is eagerly embraces honest critique and feedback and has a desire to learn;
  • Ability to dedicate 15 months to The Global Good Fund Fellowship while remaining in his/her workplace;
  • Candidate must be willing to drive the Fellowship process and take ownership of his/her leadership development;
  • Candidate shows commitment to giving back; he/she actively mentors and invests in team members or other individuals;
  • The enterprise exhibits growth potential, meaning scale or depth of outreach;
  • The enterprise is moving toward a model of financial sustainability whereby 50% or more of the budget is covered through revenue generation. If this level has not been achieved, this goal must be a top priority for the candidate and his/her enterprise;
  • Under 40 years of age (if 40 or older, explain rationale for Fellowship).

The application is comprised of 4 parts:

Part 1: Questionnaire Due by July 1 2015
Part 2: Short Video Due by July 1 2015
Part 3: Written Application Due by July 15 2015
Part 4: Interview Between Sep. – Oct. 2015
Decision Issued: December 1st 2015

Enquiries about application E-mail Karin Fujii at [email protected].

Apply Now for the Global Good Fund for Social Entrepreneurs

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Global Good Fund



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