2015/2016 VLIR-UOS Scholarships Awards to study in Flanders, Belgium

Application Deadline: January/February/March 1st 2015

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries to study for a master or training programme in Flanders, Belgium.

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships

  • to applicants from 54 eligible countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • to attend one of the selected trainings (7) or Master programmes (15)
  • taught in English
  • at a Belgian Flemish university or university college
  • covering all related expenses

Eligibility criteria

You can only apply for a scholarship if you meet the following requisites.

You must:

  • Be national and resident of one of the 54 eligible countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America at the moment of application. It is not necessary to be resident and national of the same country, so long as it concerns one of the 54 eligible countries.
  • Age: 40 years* or less for a Master programme or 45 years* or less for a training (* on 1 January of the year of the start of the course).
  • Meet the academic admission criteria set by the university or university college, concerning educational background, language proficiency, etc. You can find the academic admission criteria on the programme websites.
  • For a Master programme: not have been enrolled in a Master programme (or equivalent) at a Belgian university before (with or without a scholarship).
  • Not work in the commercial profit sector, as we target candidates from education and research institutions, the government sector, social economy and NGOs.
  • For a training: have relevant professional experience and a written (future) employer’s statement of (re)integration in an employment where the acquired knowledge and skills will be immediately applicable. The statement should also confirm the added value of the training for the candidate and the organization.
  • You can only apply for one training or master programme per year.
  • You can only be awarded a VLIR-UOS scholarship for a training once. You can only be awarded a VLIR-UOS scholarship for a Master programme once
  • When you are an employee of a university that currently is receiving support from VLIR-UOS through the Institutional University Cooperation IUC programme or TEAM programme: you need a letter or statement from the IUC or TEAM coordinator stating that your department is not involved in IUC or TEAM.

Which costs are covered by the scholarship?

VLIR-UOS only provides full scholarships for the total duration of the training or Master. It is not possible to apply for a partial scholarship.

The detailed amounts and more information on the different allowances can be found in the document ‘Allowances and guidelines for VLIR-UOS scholarships’. In the following we present you some general data.

For a training programme

  • Allowance: € 32/day
  • Several one-time payments
  • Accommodation, insurance, international travel and tuition fee

For a Master programme

  • Allowance: € 860/month
  • Accommodation allowance: € 375/month
  • Family allowance: € 62 per dependent person/month
  • Several one-time payments
  • Insurance, international travel and tuition fee

Eligible programmes

For which training or Master programmes can I get a scholarship?

Only the following English taught courses at Belgian Flemish universities or university colleges are eligible for scholarships:

Training programmes organized in 2015 (1-4 months)



Master programmes (start: September 2015)

One-year Master programmes

Two-year Master programmes

For More Information:

Visit the Official webpage of the VLIR-UOS Scholarship to study in Belgium


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