2015/2017 Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Journalism, Media and Globalisation Scholarships

Application deadline : January 10, 2015.

Tuition fees

In 2014-16 the fees for the whole two-year course will be: €8,000 for EU nationals and €16,000 for non-EU nationals.

The Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Journalism, Media and Globalisation welcomes applications from graduate students around the world.

The Mundus Journalism Consortium is able to offer a limited number of ‘Erasmus Mundus’ student scholarships for students entering the programme from 2012 – 2016. The scholarships are divided into category A and B scholarships. For the 2015-17 edition of the Mundus Journalism programme the consortium will award:

Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarships for third country (non-EU) students

Category A

scholarships are expected to be worth €48,000 for the 2015-2017 programme. The fee is subtracted from the scholarship. There is free insurance for Mundus stipend holders.


South Africa

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.

Category B scholarships are expected to be worth €23,000 for the 2015-2017 programme.

Category B scholarships can be awarded to any student who does not fulfil the criteria for a category A scholarship. The Category B scholarships are connected to the ‘Study Abroad’ programme at our non-European partners (Please find further details in the application form).

European students who are granted a Mundus scholarship will have to study module 5 and 6 in the spring semester at one of our global partner universities: University of California at Berkeley; University of Technology Sydney; and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (also Module 4 in Chile).

Erasmus+ stipends (all students can apply)

All Mundus Journalism students can apply for Erasmus+ stipends for the second year of their Master’s studies, if they have not been granted an Erasmus Mundus scholarship or received Erasmus+ funding within their BA studies. Information and assistance on the Erasmus+ stipends will be provided at Aarhus University after the start of the course. The stipend is about 230 Euros per month for 10 months. So far all eligible students have received this stipend.




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