2015 African Leadership Academy Model African Union

What: African Leadership Ac ademy Model African Union 2015

When: March 18-22, 2015

Theme: “Moving from Potential to Action

African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) is a simulation of the African Union, providing a platform for young leaders to explore the inner workings of the African Union, and to practice international diplomacy by assuming the roles of African leaders. This conference affords delegates the opportunity to study complex African issues, understand the interests and positions of African countries, and learn to successfully negotiate without compromising national interests.  ALAMAU aims to empower young leaders to model international cooperation while celebrating diversity and promoting pan-African unity.

ALAMAU 2015 will be held from March 18-22, 2015 as young leaders attempt to resolve, in five days of intense brainstorming and negotiations, some of the longest-running and most complicated issues on the continent.

The conference experience will, however, not be limited to committee sessions; through keynote presentations by African Union officials and foreign policy experts, a diplomatic roundtable featuring ambassadors from several countries, educational tours to historic sites and a celebration of cultural diversity through the Cultural Night, delegates will experience a highly intellectual, educative and exciting conference.

There will also be a parallel conference for international educators accompanying students to the conference, as they will be exposed to presentations by several thought-leaders in Africa, and engaged in peer learning geared towards developing the next generation of diplomatic African leaders.

ALAMAU 2015 Fees and Costs
The total cost of participation at ALAMAU 2015 includes registration fees, accommodation, visas and flights, as well as personal expenses. All delegations will be responsible for securing visas and paying for their flights from their home countries, as well as accommodation at the conference venue in Johannesburg.
Registration fees will cover the following:
i)Three meals and snacks each day of the conference
ii)Pick-up and drop-off at OR Tambo International Airport
iii)Transportation to shopping malls
iv)Tours and entrance fees to selected sites in Johannesburg
v)Participation at diplomatic reception
vi)Participation at delegates’ party
vii)Mobile phone SIM cards for faculty advisors
viii)Registration package
The following fees and costs are applicable to all participants at ALAMAU 2015.
Registration Fees
1.School delegations:
a)A school fee of US$150.00 per school
b) A delegate fee of US$100.00 per delegate
c) A faculty advisor fee of US$100.00 per Faculty advisor
The total registration fees for a single delegation school (five students and one advisor) are US$750.00, while the total registration fees for a double delegation school (ten students and two advisors) are US$1350.00.
2. Independent delegates
a) Registration fee of US$200
Accommodation Fees
3. The cost of accommodation at Glenburn Lodge Country Estate, venue of ALAMAU 2015 will be
a) US$ 130.00/night for advisors (single rooms)
b) US$ 110.00/night for delegates (shared rooms)
The total duration of the conference will be four nights
Delegations wishing to stay longer than four nights can make specific requests for such
4. ALAMAU requests that all delegations pay conference fees via wire transfer.
The payment details are:
Bank Name: Standard Bank, South Africa
Branch Name: Sandton
Branch Code: 019205
Account Number: 220415633
Reference: ALA Model African Union
All payments for ALAMAU 2015 must be properly labeled using the reference code above, and proof of payment must be sent immediately to [email protected].
5. The refund policy is as follows:
a) The school fee is non-refundable.
b) Refunds of delegate& advisor fees requested before January 16, 2015, will be refunded at 80%.
c) Accommodation fees are non-refundable
d) No refunds will be issued after January 16, 2015 All enquiries regarding registration fees should be directed to
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