CALL FOR APPLICATION: Building Bridges Conference 2015, Nigeria.

Application Deadline: June 1st 2015

Are you a youth worker, youth leader, young activist or youth policy maker?
Apply for the Building Bridges Conference – a platform to participate in the new international human rights benchmark, the United Nations Post2015 Development Agenda!

The Building Bridges Conference, organized by the Building Bridges Projects Nigeria + the Kingdom of the Embassy of Netherlands will bring together about 200 participants in Nigeria, on the 4th of June, 2015 at the University of Ilorin to build a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the Nation’s most inspired youths and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas on the Post-2015 agenda.

Representatives/participants should have one of the following profiles:
•    Young person active in youth organizations;
•    Youth worker;
•    Young leader;
•    Activists;
•    Students
•    Representative of business field (unions, employers’ organisations, job services etc.);
•    Representative of formal education;
•    Young journalist willing to spread the word about the Building Bridges Projects.
Building Bridges Conference is a project about realizing a world where young people and women have equal access and opportunities to shape the future they want. We aim to bridge the gap between young people on the ground and decision makers at the United Nations in New York.

The goal of the Building Bridges Projects in Nigeria is to gather as much information as possible on how young people in Nigeria envision the world in 2030. What is important to them? And what are the challenges to overcome if we want to make this country and the world, at large, a safer, more inclusive and a better place while focusing on the Post2015 development agenda?

The conference will provide space to discuss and recommend steps to be taken as regards the formulation of the sustainable development goals
•    An interactive and engaging environment
•    Cross-sectorial cooperation;
•    Exchange of good practices (innovative ideas);
•    Youth policy development.

The conference is looking for participants from all over Nigeria who:
•    Can communicate in English;
•    Are at least 17 years old;
•    Enjoy meeting people and sharing what stirs them;
•    Can commit to actively take part in the conference discussion by looking for and sharing good practices, getting acquainted and stating opinions on the conference themes;
•    Are genuinely interested in issues of global poverty and injustice and want to see change in the world;

Candidates with special needs are encouraged to apply. The organizers are ready to provide the assistance needed (for example personal assistant, sign language, accessible rooms & transport, etc.).

Note: For more interactive and participatory conference, it will be great if participants keep themselves abreast with the last MDG’s so as to understand the trend of the conference discussion.


Apply Now to attend the Building Bridges Conference 2015




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