The following individuals and organisation will be eligible for nominations for any of the categories for The Social Media Awards 2014:

  • Nationality of any African country or no less than 3 years permanent residency status in any African country;
  • Must be 18 years and above;
  • Organisations will be considered for the award categories if they are owned in full or part by any African with the above-stated categories;
  • Non-profit organisations must also be duly registered and operation in any African country or headquartered overseas with at least one (1) duly registered country office;
  • Individuals or Organisations must own the relevant social media accounts to be eligible; offline nominations of individuals or organisations who are not on social media will not be considered;
  • Campaigns, initiatives et al which have not been circulated or launched or uploaded to any social media network will not be considered;
  • Other similar third party nominations will not be considered;
  • The Social Media Awards 2014 will consider nominations for activities or initiatives in the following period under review: 2011 – 2013;
  • Nominations will only be considered after an Acceptance Form has been signed and the nominee confirms acceptance of nomination;
  • Once the nomination has been accepted and Nominee List published, withdrawals will not be accepted.


  • All finalists will be invited to the awards ceremony and also recognized as an event finalist.
  • Awardees will receive $1,000 USD cash prize, the prestigious SMAA plaque, outstanding recognition and global exposure, access to thought leaders and opportunities for self-development as well as other institutional benefits like training and internship.


30th September – 27th October, 2014

Call for nominations
The first phase of The Social Media Awards begins with the call for nominations. Based on the nomination criteria, nominations are requested from individuals and organisations across the world.

October 28 – November 7, 2014

The first level of Judging is done by the Virtual Council. This group – which consists of more specialised and related professionals – prunes the pool of nominations to ensure each entry is valid and meets the stipulated requirements.
The council also selects a maximum of fifteen entries per category to be considered by the jury. The Social Media Awards Jury then evaluates the verified entries and produces an Official Nominees List (150 Nominees: 10 nominees per award) based on the judging criteria.

November 8 – 28, 2014

Public voting
At this stage, the Official Nominees List is published and subject to online voting on the Social Media Awards Africa Website. Three nominees per category will make it to the final stage.

Date to be announced

45 finalists (3 nominees per award) will be celebrated at the breath-taking ‘Night of Virtual Wonders’, an evening of rewarding excellence in creativity, impact and influence at The Social Media Awards Africa 2014. Here, 15 winners will emerge and remain a dominant force both online and offline as models for African creativity and innovation.

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