Deutsche Bank/Design Boom -Future Banking International Design Competition (10,000+ Euros Prize)

Design Boom Future Banking Contest


Whom: Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world – from professionals, students, to design-enthusiasts. Registration is free.

DESIGNBOOM, in collaboration with DEUTSCHE BANK, presents the Future Banking International Design Competition, seeking smart ideas, applications, gadgets, products or services provided by the bank that aim to support and enhance customers’ experience in relation to the branch experience or their digital day-to-day and life planning bank transactions; or that surprise and inspire them in a positive manner.

Competition Brief

The task is to develop smart ideas/applications/gadgets/offerings or services provided by a bank that support customers and enhance their branch experience or digital day-to-day and life planning or that surprise and inspire them in a positive manner.

Prizes / Benefits

1st prize € 10.000 euro
2nd prize € 5.000 euro
3rd prize € 3.000 euro

Selected ideas will be exhibited at an innovation fair in Berlin (space for around 10-15 ideas: 500 m²).

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the entry’s depth and understanding of the competition’s theme ‘Future Banking’.

The shortlist and prize winner will be selected on the basis of:

1. Innovative power: How new is the idea compared with products and services offered on the market by competitors and companies in other sectors? How is the originality and uniqueness of solution regarding the theme?
2. Customer impact: How much added value is created for customers? How many customers does the idea target? What is the potential level of enthusiasm for the project?

3. Positioning power: What impact will the measure have on the positioning of DEUTSCHE BANK (leadership/advice)?

4. Executable design: How is the potential to use the idea as an actual executable design?


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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Deutsche Bank Future Banking Contest


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