Early Childhood Health Care Management Training Course for Health care Professionals, Thailand (fully Funded

Application Deadline: March 31, 2015

Course Title: Early Childhood Health Care Management
Duration: June 1– 28, 2015
Where: Thailand

This is a 4-week training program designed for professional nurses and other related health care personnel regarding to early childhood health care.

Classroom lecture and discussion, sharing experience, individual and group assignments are activities used to gain basic theoretical knowledge and experience on early childhood health and health care management facilitated by the instructors. Learning by field trips is used to enhance their experiential training.

The selected project proposals regarding early childhood health care management are developed by each participant. Self/group reflection is used to identify knowledge and experience gained from this raining course.

Pediatric Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing,Prince of Songkla University with support from the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of how importance of the early childhood health care management and knowledge transferring to developing countries. Thus, the training program on early childhood health care management was developed.

The health personnel capability to care and promote early childhood health in healthy children will be strengthened by this knowledge and experience gained.

The final outcome of providing effective early childhood health care management to young children will be a better quality of life of young children who will become desirable manpower in each nation in the future, and therefore serve the needs of the governmental sector.


Eligible Countries

Africa: Angola, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Gabon, Ghana, Mauritania, South Sudan

Application Procedures

  • Applicants interested in participating in the course must be nominated by their government and must submit three (3) completed nomination forms to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries before the closing date of application.
  • In general, each country may nominate up to four (4) nominees for the course. However, nomination for certain courses may be limited to one or two nominees from each country due to limited seat available for participation.
  • The Royal Thai Government will inform the nominating government (or relevant  authority) whether or not nominee(s) have been accepted for the course, normally three weeks before the course starts.
  • Further information about training courses held under AITC can be obtained from TICA’s website: http://www.tica.thaigov.net

Allowances and Expenses

The Royal Thai Government will be responsible for the following allowances and expenses:

  • An economy class electronic ticket (e-ticket) will be issued to each participant via email.
  • Each of the participants is not allowed to change the flights route and schedules.
  • Participants should not buy air tickets by themselves and should be advised that if they do so, the cost cannot be reimbursed from the Royal Thai Government.
  • The Royal Thai Government will also arrange the domestic flight for participants, if any. However, those participants who are from Brunei Darussalam, Oman, Republic of Korea and Singapore, the round trip international travel cost will be responsible by their respective country.
  • Each participant will receive a living allowance of 500 baht per day to cover meals, local transportation and other personal daily expenses.
  • Accommodation will be arranged by the Royal Thai Government and all participants will stay at the same place. It is suggested that each participant should bring some pocket money approximately US$ 100 to cover the expenses before the allowance is paid.
  • Minor medical treatment will be provided for participants who become ill during  their stay in Thailand.
  • The Royal Thai Government will provide transportation for the authorized field trips undertaken as part of the course

For Further Information:
Human Resource Development Bureau (HRD Branch 2)
Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency
The Government Complex
Building B (South Zone) 8th Floor,
Chaengwattana Road, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210
Tel (662)203-5000 ext 43305
E-mail:[email protected]


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