Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2019 Circular Economy Programme for young Professionals & Students

Application Deadline: 31st March 2019

In May 2019, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is launching a learning space which gives you the opportunity to dive into topics and themes around the circular economy.

Designed for the next generation of circular economy pioneers, the learning space will feature both online collaborative learning and immersive face-to-face workshops. Through these activities, we will facilitate unique interactions with our extensive networks in academia, business, and policy.

Deepen your knowledge on the circular economy. Learn how to apply it to your studies, career, and workplace – and become part of our extensive circular economy network.

Are you at the start of your career, a postgraduate student or an emerging innovator? Do you want to stay ahead of the curve, be a changemaker, and bring greater purpose to your working ventures?

Apply for the first in a series of circular economy learning offerings and join a global community of circular economy practitioners. This unique, free-to-learn programme has been designed to include a collaborative online phase and an exclusive four-day immersive workshop in London. Completing these two initial phases will lead to you shaping your role as an Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy pioneer.

General criteria

The 2019 circular economy programme is open to those who are able to:

●Attend an online interview on Thursday 11th April or Friday 12th April

●Participate in an online collaboration phase from 29th April ­ 9th June 2019 (max2.5 hrs per week) as part of the programme

●Attend a four­ day workshop , in London, United Kingdom, from 10th – 13th June 2019

●Participate in the circular economy pioneer phase:

○Finalise the collaborative project from 17th June ­ 28th June (max 2.5 hrsper week)

○Be actively involved with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Circular Pioneer, and within our online communities, after the workshop

●Show willingness to present your collaborative project during the DisruptiveInnovation Festival if your team is chosen to do so

●N.B. The recommended age range for the programme is between 20­ – 30 years old.

The programme will increase your circular economy knowledge and skills through in-depth, expert-run sessions. It will allow you to learn from peers through collaborative team projects and connect you to a growing community of next generation circular economy pioneers.

Postgraduate students: specific criteria

The 2019 circular economy programme is open to postgraduate students who:

1.Have a confirmed and accepted place on a postgraduate course.

2.Are able to prove that a circular economy plays a substantial part in their university course.

Young Professionals: specific criteria

The 2019 circular economy programme is open to young professionals who:

1.Are at the beginning of their career.

2.Are able to prove that a circular economy plays a substantial part in their employment.

You will have an opportunity to expand your professional network and engage in conversations with active circular economy practitioners such as members of our CE100 business network.

The programme will consist of the following three phases:

Online collaboration phase

In the initial 6-week online collaboration phase you will connect with fellow participants, form small teams, and start working on a collaborative project while receiving mentoring support (2.5 hours of work per week).

Immersive workshop phase

The four day immersive workshop is all about empowering future circular economy pioneers. Delivering in-depth sessions, facilitated by experts – dedicated space will be provided for collaborative projects which stimulate peer-to-peer learning. The final day of the workshop will see you become part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s annual Summit which brings together our international networks, including business, academia, government and media. Exploring the latest trends and circular economy thinking, the Summit provides a wealth of learning and networking opportunities.

Circular economy pioneer phase

After the workshop you will join our community and start to define your path as a circular economy practitioner. By utilising your evolving knowledge, skills, and professional network, you will be able to shape your individual role in the transition to a circular economy by sharing your own circular solutions.


Application period:27th February – 31st March 2019

Shortlisting:1st ­ 9th April 2019

Online interviewing of shortlisted candidates:11th­12th April 2019

Selection of participants:15th ­17th April 2019

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2019 Circular Economy Programme


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