FAO International Mountain Day #MountainsMatter video contest 2017 (Funded to Rome, Italy)

Application Deadline:  20 October 2017.

Win a trip to Rome to see your video shown at the International Mountain Day concert!

Almost one billion people live in mountain areas and over half the human population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences both for mountain communities and for the rest of the world. To bring attention to the plight of mountains for International Mountain Day (11 December), FAO are asking you to make a one-minute video on the theme of ‘Mountains under pressure: climate, hunger, migration’ for the #MountainsMatter video contest.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is an agency of the United Nations System specialized in the food and agriculture, with the ultimate goal of eradicating hunger.


  • General: No professional equipment? No worries! Grab your smartphone and record a message about mountains, film yourself explaining how climate change has affected a mountain you know, interview someone from a mountain community in a rural area about the difficulties they encounter, or think of another idea that inspires you around the concept of mountains under pressure.
  • Professional: This category is open to people who would like to produce entries with professional video and editing equipment. You don’t have to be a film-maker to enter, but you may be competing with them!


  • The winner of each category will receive a trip to Rome to attend the International Mountain Day concert on 11 December.
  • The winning videos will be shown at the concert.

Judging Criteria:

The two categories will be evaluated separately:

  1. The winner of the general category will be the entry with the most views on YouTube.
  2. The winner of the professional category will be chosen by a panel of judges including professionals working in mountains and communications who will judge the entries according to their relevance to the mountain theme as well as for aesthetic and technical excellence. NB Views on YouTube will not count in the judging of this category.

Winners will be notified by 30 October and will be officially announced on 11 December.

Submission Procedure:

You can enter the contest in three simple steps.

  1. Make your video – remember to keep it under one minute long.
  2. Upload your entry to YouTube and tag it with the #MountainsMatter hashtag in the title. If possible, please upload a high resolution version of your video (1080p), as the winning entries will be shown on a mega screen at the International Mountain Day concert in Rome.
  3. Visit http://www.fao.org/international-mountain-day/video-contest/upload-your-video/en/ and fill in the online form, tell us which category you are entering, and add the link to your YouTube video.

That’s it! Don’t forget to also post your YouTube link on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) using the #MountainsMatter hashtag to encourage people to view your entry!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the FAO International Mountain Day #MountainsMatter video contest 2017



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