Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Fellowship Program 2016 for Women Passionate about Foreign Policy & International Affairs.

Application Deadline: Monday, June 27th 2016

Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Fellowship Program is targeted to diversifying voices and opinions in the foreign policy space. The program has two core components:

  • An educational module that includes media training, a guide to understanding the media, and brand building
  • A non-resident “externship” with a major media outlet. Fellows will work with a given outlet and editor to better understand the inner workings of a news organization; and to develop the fellow’s portfolio and voice around her expertise

The educational module runs for six weeks online, for one-hour each week. The FPI third fellowship cycle will begin at the end of July 2016.

At the conclusion of the module, fellows will be matched with an editor and/or producer with whom she’ll work to develop her expertise for print and/or on-camera appearances. This “externship” will run at minimum for one month up to three months. Previous fellows have been matched with editors at Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, Reuters and the Financial Times.


  • FPI’s Fellows Program is open to women 25 and older with a clear commitment and passion for foreign policy and international affairs.
  • This is not a program for those “breaking into” foreign policy. While we welcome early-career fellows, this program is best-suited to mid-career and late-career foreign policy experts.
  • The program is open to academics, entrepreneurs, journalists, students, and business professionals.
  • The program is open to both US citizens and non-US citizens, fluent in English.

The Fellowship

  • Upon the start of the fellowship, applicants must be available for six weeks, for an hour each week.
  • A commitment to foreign policy is not an interest or hobby, but demonstrated engagement in foreign policy matters and/or a foreign policy matter. Demonstrated engagement is work in the field.
  • Applicants for an FPI Fellowship ideally have at least three years of full-time professional experience.
  • For interruptors on an academic track, applicants must have completed their master’s degree.
  • While FPI encourage applicants to have already authored pieces or appeared as commenters on radio or television, such experience is not required. Achievement and a demonstrated interest are, however.

Which all goes to say: Lean in. Show us what you got.

Application process

Applications for our third fellowship program close Monday, June 27. Application materials include:

– CV, citing presence on social media, if applicable (#2016)
– A video clip, no more than a minute, of you commenting on your expertise. This video should be recorded specifically for the application. Videos shot on mobile devices are fine.
– In no more than 1000 words, tell us how an FPI fellowship fits into your career path
– Two published writing samples, if applicable
– List two people who can speak about your qualifications and provide their contact information
– Send materials to [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Fellowship Program 2016



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