Call for Applications: 3rd Annual Green Youth Indaba 2016 Pretoria South Africa

 Tosaca Media Group in partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs, FP&M SETA and EWSETA are hosting the 3rd Annual Green Youth Indaba which will be hosted on the 29th – 30th June 2016 at The Innovation Hub, Pretoria, the theme of the Indaba is: « Green Innovations and Sustainable skills development for inclusive Growth »

The objective of this year’s Green Youth Indaba is to go beyond exploring opportunities for youth within the green economy but to effectively explore and unpack necessary strategies that can create easy access to support and fund green innovations and green careers, to empower youth with the information and skills transfer needed to eradicate youth unemployment and poverty by tapping into the Green Economy Jobs and business opportunities.

The Green Youth Indaba will convene together relevant government officials, private sector and green entrepreneurs as Government and business committed to the employment of young people in green economy activities. In this regard, it was agreed that at least 80% of new employees in the manufacturing and installation of solar-water heating systems and in public and community works programmes directed at environmental challenges, will be young people.

The conference is expected to bring together over 300 exceptional young people who are changing the face of the environment in South Africa and those that are aspiring to get into the Environmental industry. These youth and industry experts will come across South Africa to discuss the most pressing Environmental issues, opportunities and skills needed for youth within government, private sector and cities in South Africa.

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  1. Hi, I am a Kenyan born and raised here, I engage my fellow younth in several community projects, examples being Christmas comes early whereby we mobilise resources in terms of food, clothes, shoes and many other items that orphaned and vulnerable kids in the society benefit from, this is an event I host every 24th of December every year, I also have formed a community group by name Angels of Hope Charity group, we organise Jiggers and sanitation events where we treat our community as a whole, how can I participate in these awesome programmes.


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