Grigri Pixel: Call for African Citizen Initiatives (Fully Funded to Madrid, Spain)

Application Deadline: June 24th 2018

This call launches the third edition of Grigri Pixel, scheduled from 15 to 28 October in Madrid,
and which will focus on claiming the right to the city.
After a first phase in February-March 2016 in Medialab Prado, the experience moved to Dakar
during the fifth edition of the Afropixel festival. In October 2017, the second edition of Grigri Pixel was held in Medialab Prado (Madrid), in collaboration with the Espacio Vecinal of Arganzuela.
The initiative was also invited to Barcelona in 2017, where work took place in collusion with
HANGAR and the Taula Eix Pere IV – both entities are located in the neighbourhood of Poblenou.
In this third edition, objects and diverse actions will be designed, constructed and activated.
At the end of the workshop, they will also form part of a festive action by way of a pilgrimage
around the immediate vicinity of Medialab Prado. This action will be carried out in the Barrio de
las Letras (Literary Quarter), located in the historic and tourist centre of Madrid. Its aim will be
to conjure and re-enchant these spaces in which a model of the city is being increasingly
imposed that is far removed from the neighbourhood scale and from the needs of those
who live in them on a daily basis.
These objects that will be made in the form of charms or grigris, will incorporate and materialise experiences and visions brought to us by the African initiatives and those of local collaborators, while they will at the same time try to make visible and propose ways to living the city as a place of encounter and collective creativity. To do this, the work process carried out during the workshop will serve to recognize, pool and hybridise those protective forces,
know-hows and peripheral, neighbourhood and non-conventional knowledge, from both
the invited African experiences and from the local collaborators, with which we will invoke the
common luck brought on by the urban grigris that the groups have built.
Before the workshop takes place, there will be a mediation process with groups and local
experiences that will lay the foundation to open a space for collaborative dialogue, exploration
and analysis, together with the invited African initiatives, on those conditions, factors and actions that defend and promote the right to the city and places for creativity, and those others that hinder or threaten that right. This exercise of exchange and joint analysis of the transformations affecting the city and its places for creativity and encounters will provide the diagnosis and the conceptual basis on which to define the design and construction parameters that will guide the creation of the grigris during the workshop.
GRIGRI PIXEL MADRID 2018 will be developed through the following phases:
Phase 1: Call for African initiatives: 21 May to 24 June 2018.
  • Anyone who participates in citizens’, cultural, and artistic initiatives on the African continent can apply for the call. This initiative, group or space should be related to transformative, collaborative and artistic practices, particularly aimed at defending the right to the city and to common urban spaces. These practices may have to do with intervention and action in urban spaces, the establishment of forms and methodologies of collaborative organization, the development of artistic, cultural, design or digital manufacturing practices that reflect on collective creation, or work on recovering or updating artisan crafts.
  • Only one person may apply per group or space, by filling in the form you will find in this call.
  • In total, a maximum of four people will be selected.


  • The organization will look after the travel of those selected from their place of origin to Madrid, as well as their accommodation and living expenses for the duration of the production workshops that will be held in Medialab Prado from 15 to 28 October 2018. Additionally, each person will receive a fee of 500 euros.
Phase 2: Call for local collaborators: from 4 to 23 September 2018.
  • Once the African initiatives have been selected, the resolution of the call will be published in the Medialab Prado and Grigri Pixel web pages, and the call for local collaborators will be opened.

Phase 3: Design, production and activation workshop: from 15 to 28 October 2018.

The workshop will last for two weeks. The working sessions will be held at Medialab Prado from
4.30 to 8pm. In the mornings, the Medialab Prado space will be available for those participants
who want to work there. Throughout the workshop, several visits and parallel activities will be
  • The call goes out to organisations or groups that have a proven track record in the field of collaborative and free culture and in the promotion and generation of citizen collaboration and innovation networks in their local environment.
  • Initiatives applying for the call must fill in the form below and attach a document (maximum 1200 words) providing a concrete proposal that will serve as a starting point from which to design the workshop, in dialogue with the team of mentors and the other African initiatives that have been selected. This document must include the following information:
What practices and experiences endeavour to recover common spaces in your city?
In what way, from the initiative to which you belong, are you trying to create spaces for creativity and encounters in your city?
The participants undertake to:
  • Participate in telematic meetings in order to collaborate with the mediation and coordination team in defining and designing the workshop.
  • Attend and take active part in the workshop during the two weeks, and in the related activities.
  • Take care of the materials, the space and the atmosphere during the development of the workshop, facilitating collaborative work dynamics.
  • Participate in public presentations and the sharing of the developed work, both during the course of the workshop and on the final day of celebration.
  • The Grigri Pixel organisation shall place a digital platform at the disposal of the working groups, as an open repository in which to store the projects, the documentation and the resulting prototypes, in order to encourage the creation of networks and promote a shared space that ensures their dissemination and allows their replicability.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Grigri Pixel: Call for African Citizen Initiatives


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