GroundTruth Films Climate Change Fellowship 2016 for Early-Career Documentary Filmmakers.

Application Deadline: Monday, August 15 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST

The GroundTruth fellowship will be awarded to five early-career documentary filmmakers. The centerpiece of the project will be a series of original, short films from around the world, focused on the impact of climate change on women and children.

The centerpiece of the project will be a series of original, short films from around the world focused on climate change and its impact on the health of women and children.One of the films will be produced in partnership with the PBS investigative documentary series, FRONTLINE and distributed through FRONTLINE’s digital platforms.

The fellowship will be headed by veteran journalist and documentarian Beth Murphy, director of the newly formed GroundTruth Films, and by GroundTruth Health and Environment Editor Marissa Miley.

The GroundTruth Project is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to training the next generation of international correspondents and documentary filmmakers and to adding increased knowledge and understanding on issues of social justice, including human rights, freedom of expression, emerging democracies, the environment, religious affairs and global health.


  • Winners of the film fellowships will join a talented and diverse editorial and production team to produce a set of powerful, character-driven documentary shorts.
  • The fellowship comprises four to six weeks of field production and editing time, and GroundTruth will provide a stipend and cover all expenses for the filmmaking trips.

How to apply

  • GroundTruth welcomes applications from early-career documentary filmmakers with demonstrated interest and unique talent for covering the environment and the human condition.
  • Applications are open to applications from cinematographers, producers/directors, editors, sound artists, VR producers and impact producers.
  • To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter and links to three pieces of sample work.
  • The cover letter should state clearly what qualifications and skills you bring to the team and what ideas and approaches you have for focusing on climate change and its impact on the health of women and children.
  • Please submit your application for the GroundTruth Film Fellowship through this Google Form.
  • The final deadline is Monday, August 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Applications will be reviewed and fellowships will be awarded on a rolling basis. As many as three fellows will join our filming team this summer in the field.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the GroundTruth Films Climate Change Fellowship 2016


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