International Competition Network (ICN/World Bank Group 2017/2018 Competition Advocacy Contest.

ICN/World Bank Group 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contest

Application Deadline: December 15th 2017

Applications for the ICN/World Bank Group 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contest program are now being accepted

The International Competition Network (ICN) and the World Bank Group are pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contest. This contest aims to highlight the key role competition agencies play in promoting competition by showcasing their advocacy success stories.

Theme 1: Prompting structural reforms in key sectors

Structural reforms enable competitive outcomes in key sectors and tackle obstacles to the fundamental drivers of growth, removing impediments to the efficient allocation of resources and encouraging job creation, investment and productivity

Theme 2. Creating markets for private sector development

Effective competition dynamics enable the rise of contestable new markets, encourage the disruptive entry of new businesses, and foster the development of innovative goods and services.

Theme 3. Reaping the benefits of globalization and trade openness

Well-functioning competitive domestic markets can maximize the benefits of global integration, unlocking opportunities for greater investments and participation in global value chains.

Theme 4: Improving administrative procedures to remove obstacles to competition

Inadequate administrative and regulatory procedures, at either the national or subnational level, may stand in the way of market competition by preventing entry, facilitating collusion, or distorting the level playing field.

How to Apply:

Competition agencies and public bodies promoting competition policy are welcome to apply. We encourage joint submissions with other governmental bodies or non-governmental organizations.

Submitted stories should include:

  • Description of the competition/market problem
  • Relevant theme
  • Main goal/s of the work undertaken
  • Sector/s involved and product/service analyzed
  • Geographical regions affected
  • Importance of the sector/market analyzed
  • Resources mobilized
  • Collaboration with other agencies/organizations and stakeholders
  • Advocacy strategy
  • Specific advocacy activities, milestones and timeframe
  • Main messages and recommendations conveyed by the advocacy activity
  • Results achieved
  • Effects on market (e.g., consumer savings, investment, value added, entry of new firms)
  • Impact evaluation, if any
  • Lessons learned
  • ICN or World Bank Group tools used for this initiative, if any

Stories should be between 500-2000 words and start with a 100 -200-word summary.

Stories submitted to previous editions of this contest that were not awarded are eligible for resubmission.

Selection Process:

Submissions will undergo a rigorous assessment of the following criteria:

  • Success of the advocacy activity
  • Cooperation mechanisms deployed
  • Advocacy strategy
  • Results achieved
  • Impact  and effects on markets
  • Creativity and originality
  • Spillover effects and lessons learned

A panel will review the submissions and select the top stories.

Winning applicants will be invited to present their stories at a joint ICN-World Bank Group event, and winning stories will be featured in an ICN-World Bank Group Publication.

Winners and honorable mentions will be announced by February 16th, 2018.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ICN/World Bank Group 2017 – 2018 Competition Advocacy Contes



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