World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) 2016 for Young Digital Entrepreneurs (Fully Funded to WSA Global Congress 2016 )

Application Deadline: October 30th 2016

The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) selects and promotes the world’s best mobile content and applications. The award emphasizes:

  • cultural diversity and identity
  • the creation of varied information content
  • the digitalization of educational, scientific, and cultural heritage

Founded in 2010 as the sister to the World Summit Award, WSA-mobile aims to raise public awareness and recognition for the highest quality, most innovative e-Content produced worldwide and to make the best products accessible and meaningful around the world.

Who can apply?

  • WSA-mobile is open to any company, organization or individual in the content industry in any UN and UNESCO member state.

Application & Submission of projects to WSA mobile

  • The ONLY way to take part is to (1) be nominated by a national expert, (2) be nominated by a National WSA-mobile Committee that was established by a national expert, or (3) win a national WSA-mobile pre-selection contest.
  • The same project cannot be submitted twice (i.e. submitted again).
  • A product can only be submitted for one category. In case of multiple submissions by the same organization, company, or team, each product requires a separate registration.
  • Submitting a product to the evaluation and selection process does by no meas entitle a producer to any benefits. There is no way of challenging this decision legally.

Which Projects are Suitable?

  • Submitted apps for WSA-mobile can be available on any mobile device and mobile platform, including SMS services on feature phones.
  • There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the projects work with.
  • All entries have to be real products. No drafts, dmeonstrations or unfinished projects can be accepted.
  • All projects must have been completed after January 1, 2014.

Each World Summit Award mobile winner receives:

  • An invitation to the WSA Global Congress (accomodation and meals provided; we will provide some travel grants to NGOs, StartUps)
  • The possibility to pitch your project in front of an jury of international experts, giving direct feedback and input
  • Receive your award at a prestigious gala dinner
  • Present your solutions in the winners exhibitions
  • Attend workshops on how to turn your local app into a global success
  • Exchanging knowledge with the world’s most outstanding app developers
  • Grow your network with contacts to potential sponsors and partners
  • Get a video detailing your project success
  • Access to the WSA network of experts and industry leaders in over 170 countries

How to Apply:

To take part in the WSA-mobile global contest, you have to be nominated by your national expert. There is no open registration.

He or she nominates eight apps from your country – one in each contest category. Find your national expert, prove the value of your product and get your ticket for the Winners’ Events 2016 in Abu Dhabi!

To get in contact with your national expert, please contact [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) 2016


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